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OliviaMyee 10-02-2012 03:09 AM

Judge my riding (HEAPS of pics & videos)
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Some info on us:
This is my horse Slip he is 17.3 and i do have a hard time moving him over because i am smaller. Slip is not that experienced in Show jumping and as you can see he over jumps, his dressage is good but i would like him to be more responsive so i have been watching my pressure and release with every thing and i am trying to not nag him as much any more so i can have him more responsive and quick of the leg.
I havent been ridding him for a whole year so i am still getting used to his Jumping and his canter i have pretty much got the feel for now, since only a couple of months ago i still didn't like his canter but now i don't mind it.

You have no idea how far i have come with this Horse i practically was more of a beginner and now i think I'm much less but I am still a beginner as i will always keep learning.

Me trying to do a turn on the forehand new to Slip i think

Ps. I would love to do Classical dressage one day when i have my own horse as Slip is my lease horse and i am instructed to ride him a certain way.

ParaIndy 10-06-2012 04:55 PM

I am not very good at English, but are your hands flying up a bit at times, such as in the 3rd picture? Try to keep you hands more quiet when trotting and turning.

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