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rlr21791 10-02-2012 02:55 PM

Possibly selling my mare
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I am thinking about selling my mare, I currently have her on craigslist, but I am not sure what she is even worth. Any ideas?

This is the post.
Treasures Miss Bee AKA Bree is a 15 year old papered AQHA mare. Buckskin with a dark mane and tail. Bree is just under 15 hands. Been a barrel racer for 8 years(however wasn't shown constantly), and then 2 years shown in western pleasure. She competed in high school and youth level shows. I've been riding her this year on trails. She spooks at nothing. Catches easy most days. Would say she needs an intermediate rider as she has crazy speed, spins and stops on a dime. She gets worked up after running, but if you keep her at a walk/trot/canter, she is perfect for trails and can go all day. She does great with another horse on trails. I have never ridden her by herself, but I'm sure she would be fine. She spent the last 5 years by herself in a small pasture. She has been with other horses since July. She is great either way, but has never been stalled. She stands for the farrier, loads and bathes easy. Easy keeper, gets along with most every horse. We ride western with barrel reins, gag bit and a tie down. Neck reins amazingly, very responsive.

I wouldn't suggest her for small kids as she does get a little hot headed. She probably wouldn't be good for any sort of arena showing, unless you are an experienced rider and could work with her. She is an amazing show horse, however she gets a little antsy in the arena on occasion.

Sire is DC Bandit who's breeding goes back to Doc Bar

She is UTD on shots/wormings including rabies. Teeth were floated just a few months ago. Feet were done 9/15/12

Speed Racer 10-02-2012 03:01 PM

You need to check your local horses for sale and see at what prices they're listed.

You could have the next Secretariat, and if horses in your area are only going for $500-$1,000 you're not going to get any more than that.

themacpack 10-02-2012 03:07 PM

ITA with SR - I would also make a point to do a nice conformation photo shoot so you have some good, solid confo shots to include in the ad as the photo posted here really doesn't show much of what I would want to see as a potential buyer. You may luck out and find someone willing to pay for color (there are certainly plenty of those out there) which *could* give you the ability to bump up your price a little over the going market rate for a similar horse in your area.

FlyGap 10-02-2012 04:51 PM

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She sounds nice, kind of. Right now I wouldn't come out to look (I love buckskins).

I would ride her out alone so you can take that out of your ad. Agree you need NICE confo shots and her going under saddle, maybe a video. I would want to see a nice relaxed horse with a tidy set. Clean her up and don't show that photo with those boot things on. Emphasize more on what she's good at. Some Questions I would ask: Does she stand still while mounting, will she ride with just a halter and/or bareback, does she back well?

I would pay around $1,000 for her with that description, possibly up to $2,000 if you get her issues worked out like the getting worked up bit. Put some serious recent miles on her and you can go for more. You don't want her fresh prior to showing. Maybe send her to a trainer for a month to get her relaxed and polished up a bit.

rlr21791 10-03-2012 11:37 AM

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Are these better pictured for her?

DrumRunner 10-03-2012 01:49 PM

I don't like that even on trails you have to ride her in a gag and a tie down..That's not good... I'd change "crazy speed", that just makes her seem kinda fruity..

I probably wouldn't come look at her, just because I do have performance horses and not trail horses.. People who want a barrel horse for their kids or a beginner would look for that age horse but also something that's calm and a baby sitter. You'd probably luck out because of her color but I'd work with her about her hot issue and adding muscle.

rlr21791 10-03-2012 01:59 PM

Yea we have been working on her being a pain on trail for the last few months, however the issue is, that she LOVES to run. When we go for trail rides, it's generally my boyfriend and myself. When we go riding, I ride Bree and my boyfriend rides a nice paint. When we take the two together, they are great and there is no issue as long as we don't run. My boyfriend ALWAYS runs his horse down this flat grassy area and when he takes off, I have a hard time keeping her calm because she wasnts to run too. So the gag and tie down are required. The few times that he rode her, I didn't run the other horse at all, we just sort of trotted, but not for long and she was perfect. So I'm not really sure how to break her of wanting to run when the other horse runs. I'm not terribly experienced, but can stay on and handle her.

DrumRunner 10-03-2012 02:42 PM

I'd tell your boyfriend to stop running out on the trail..Not only is it stressing out your horse it's really dangerous..Especially in high grassy areas, there can be holes all over the place and his horse step in one and breaks it's leg as well as causing him to fall off..That's a bad situation in the making..

I'd take her out on the trail and just keep it calm the whole time, not riding her with another horse that's going to run. That's just making things harder on you both and it just makes her worse.

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