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OliviaMyee 10-03-2012 07:09 AM

Show Jumping practise
No one is replying to my posts ? What am i a ghost ? :lol:

Tracer 10-03-2012 07:58 AM

I can't critique the jumping at all, but it looks to me like you're riding with your legs too far forward. Your line between ear, shoulder and hip looks great, but your heels aren't in the line, they're in front of it.

OliviaMyee 10-03-2012 09:19 AM

Well leg on the girth is needed when Jumping, but thanks for trying i try to have every thing in line when doing flatwork/dressage but have been told by a qualified Instructor leg on the girth is needed for Jumping and going over the jump so that is why i ride that way :)

krisfulc 10-03-2012 11:34 AM

I really like your horse. He/She is super patient is taking really good care of you.

The big things I notice (and I'm not going to nitpick because practice is to learn):

You are jumping ahead of your horse and therefore catching him/her in the mouth and landing hard on his back. Luckily he/she is super patient and isn't giving you too much of a fuss with it.

The other big thing I see is you are not really using your body to steer, just your hands. If you can focus on steering more with your seat and less with your hands, you can focus more on where you need your hands to be and when so you wont catch him/her in the mouth.

ElaineLighten 10-03-2012 11:34 AM

The things that really stick out to me in this video is that before the jumps your hands are very noisy and up all over the place, then you place them back down near the withers and don't seem to give any release over the jumps.
I like your jumping body position though

xJumperx 10-03-2012 05:19 PM

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You are certaintly sitting down very, very early. This is causing you to give your horse a bop in the mouth - if he/she was more blunt, and not so willing, you'd have a hard time. I would certaintly recommend two point 2 or 3 strides after the jump. Ride all the way to the jump, go over, then stay in two point, stay, stay, stay. Then sit. This will help muscle memory make you stop plopping down.
Your arms are also very scattered. Imagine you are holding a 2 million dollar bill in your hands. If you can keep the bill in your hands, then you get to keep it. Really picture keeping your hands more together - and try not to move your upper arm too much.

caseymyhorserocks 10-03-2012 07:16 PM

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This is the big points I see:

-you have a nice steady leg all over, on jump, flat, etc., but I would like to see you sinking down into your heels (heels down, toe up) a little more. And, remember to keep your leg in a straight line from your ear, shoulder, hip, and heel when on the flat.

-give, give, give! While cantering around at the flat, your hands were bouncing around, up and down, side to side, and not following your horses head. You want your hands to follow with your horse's movement, not restricting. So, work on steadying your hands on the flat and going with your horse's head movement. Right before a jump your hands bounce a good 10 inches or so up and down a couple times, which off balances and distracts your horse, not to mention you bop him in the mouth. Attached photo shows where your hands are (red dot) and where they should be (blue dot). You also want to put your hands a little bit more together. Going over the jump, RELEASE! You are bumping him mid jump, which, again, makes them off balanced, distracts them, and they learn that if every time they jump they get bumped in the mouth you are telling them not to jump because you are bumping them, right? Or that they learn that if they dont jump their mouth wont get bumped. I would recommend jumping with a driving rein for a little bit ( until you feel you have following your horse over the jump down. Driving rein helps teach you to follow the horses mouth.

-you are jumping before the horse. Sit back, dont anticipate, wait for your horse to jump up under you. For this, close your eyes right before jumping, and just feel the horse and let him thrust you into jumping position. You cant know when your horse is going to jump, you have to let him tell you - otherwise it becomes a bad habit, gets your horse off balance, teaches him to speed up before a jump, take off weird, and its just plain dangerous because if your horse decided to stop before a jump, odds are you go sailing over his head.

-keep your back flat, pull your shoulder blades together, and shoulders back as you are hunching your back as you go over the jump.

You have a fantastic horse, and you have a great foundation, happy jumping!

OliviaMyee 10-03-2012 08:16 PM

Thank you SO MUCH i was waiting for people to comment.
The reason why i was moving my hands before the jump was because he refused a couple times on me and i was nervous he would turn away, but i understand why i should have more quieter hands and i was so nervous that i forgot to release nearly the whole time jumping so i think i will have to work on that in the arena or over some small jumps in the paddock and remembering the key things that you have told me:
1. Wait for the horse don't anticipate the jump
2. Move with Slip over the jump
3. Give a release reach my hands up the neck
4. land and stay in 2 point (i accidentally did this and i didn't whack against Slips back so i know i can do this)
5. Keep hands lower quieter and with a give in every stride.
6. Heels more down and on the girth (im really trying i just started putting that in action)
I am pretty new to jumping this hight with Slip and Slip is new to Show Jumping, so all this advice is really helpful because i don't want to develop bad habits like going of early and not waiting for Slip to jump, i will really try hard to work on this in the arena and hopefully i will release over every jump like i used to as i have lost some confidence over larger jumps.

Yes i know im so lucky that Slip has a magnificent personality his trying hard with Jumping and when i get some thing wrong he doesn't react.

OliviaMyee 10-03-2012 08:21 PM

Ive also got more videos of me Jumping and some flat work here:

mudpie 10-05-2012 12:56 AM

While I understand that you're trying to "drive" your horse to the fence, the course is ridden pretty choppy, and you get left behind and thrown off balance frequently. Try to ride through your course without sitting down, all in two-point. Doing so frees up your horse's back, and makes will make your course smoother and more fluid.

Your hands are also quite loud up to the fence, try to keep them, lower, and more still, so that you can properly release over the fence. It's important to not catch your horse in the mouth when jumping, so work on a simple crest release, just for starters.

Something else you should be working on is riding TO, OVER, and AFTER the fence. It's looking like you ride to the fence, hang on, and pick up your riding when you land. Riding over the jump is important; riding your course entirely in two-point could help with this. It's hard work, but I think it could really help you out!

Also, I'd try doing a lot of grid work. Check out EventionTV's YouTube channel; they just posted a really good video on setting up a grid. :)

You and your horse look positively LOVELY together, and you're a great rider. :) Just work on that, and be sure to give your boy tons of love!! :D

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