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Oldhorselady 10-03-2012 12:46 PM

Ration balancer comparisons
My horses have been on the Nutrena Empower Balance for the last couple months. They are doing well on it. However, it has been VERY hard to find in my area. Waiting for stores to order it has been quite a process and horses even went without for a while because it didn't come in etc.

My main feed store does carry the Phoenix Renew Gold and the LMF Gentle Balance. I am wondering if either of these would be good for my easy keepers?

DancingArabian 10-03-2012 12:52 PM

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I'd start by comparing labels of all three. You might be able to get the nutritional info from their websites.
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deserthorsewoman 10-03-2012 01:53 PM

Have the same problem here. TSC is supposedly carrying it but I was told not here, period. Driving 80 miles to get it is out of the question.
So for us it's homemade ration balancer.
Alfalfa pellets, soaked, Omega Horseshine, ricebran according to need and ShoGlo vitamin mineral supplement.
All measured by the ounce, not lbs.
Its all stuff my TSC in town carries.
Had to sit down and calculate the rations, and probably adjust from time to time.

verona1016 10-03-2012 02:38 PM

Neither of those look like good products.

I wouldn't classify LMF Gentle Balance as a ration balancer at all- it's fed in too large of an amount (3-8 lbs/day). I don't see any difference between this and other grains. Their "Super Supplement" formulas appear to be ration balancer products, although they have very short guaranteed analysis lists and seem to be on the low side for Vitamin A. Most other ration balancers have Vit A in the 20,000+ IU/lb range.

Renew Gold has a nice high fat content, but also is very high in fiber (while there's nothing wrong with fiber in a horse's diet, providing fiber is not the point of a ration balancer and is kind of a waste of space in there). It's also VERY low in zinc and copper, which are crucial for hoof growth.

I don't usually recommend Purina, but their Enrich 32 formula is better than either of those and most people can find Purina easily. However, if those are your only options, you might look into ordering a vitamin/mineral supplement from SmartPak or another online store.

Oldhorselady 10-03-2012 05:24 PM

Thanks for those replies. I don't have the label from my last bag of the Nutrena....I already dumped it in my bin. I am still waiting for another feed store, who claims they will carry it, so I hope they pull through. I saw on the LMF how I'd have to feed a whole lot more than the current 1lb that I feed of the Nutrena. Purina is carried here, I definately don't need anything high fat. I definately want the zinc and copper.

Once I find out that I am 100% moving to San Diego, I will call down there to see if it is carried and go from there.

SueNH 10-03-2012 07:24 PM

All the info from the Empower Balance tag is on the net.

Empower Balance Ration Balancer Horse Feed by Nutrena.

I've got an empty bag out in the barn if you need me to read something.

I actually had to call TSC corporate offices to get it here. I also had to drag the local store mgr into a corner and give her the tale of an old fat pony. Laid it on pretty heavy and she had tears in her eyes when I was done. The warehouse manager was also told about a fat, old diabetic pony. Gotta do what you gotta do.

I do have another one available to me should TSC fail me again. The protein isn't quite as high but the rest is comparable. 28% as oppose to 30% so not a big deal. It's made by Poulin so it's only available in the northeast. The horses like it just as well. The feed store that has it is just further away and winter driving stinks!

I think I understand the problem with TSC and the nutrena balancer. The regional mgr/ inspector or whatever his title is was here and he was giving the help grief about the dates on stuff. Your only giving your average horse a cup or two depending on the work load. It isn't turning over fast enough for them. The man that runs the warehouse was telling me about him complaining. Warehouse mgr and general store manager went to bat for me and told him they will keep ordering it. Looks like somebody else besides me is buying it now so maybe I'm safe. Because they took the heat over it I will continue buying it from them for as long as they have it.
The difference in the old pony is amazing. She looks like she did at 20 rather than her 37 years. If it wasn't for the gray on her face you wouldn't know she was an old horse. She's still a chubbette but the odd pads and lumps have disappeared and she's more proportionate now.

deserthorsewoman 10-03-2012 07:38 PM

I also called corporate, was referred to the regional manager and he told me they won't carry it, but would order it for me...a pallet at a time. That's 10 bags. I have only two horses, these 10 bags would last me 5 months. And would probably go bad, seeing that they don't always have the freshest bags anyway.
That's why I decided to mix my own

AndersonEquestrian 10-03-2012 07:52 PM

Might I suggest the pearson's square. =]

Formulating Rations With the Pearson Square

MHFoundation Quarters 10-03-2012 07:58 PM

No experience with the phoenix or LMF. I had mine on nutrena's balancer and while it got the job done, it was a hassle getting it. I ordered a large amount at a time, gave the dealer 2 weeks advance notice when I was getting low and they still couldn't keep it in stock.

I've since switched to Progressive's ProAdvantage and absolutely love it. It's also a bonus that I get it from my farrier (who is also a breeder and runs a repro center) so I know if he is out his horses aren't eating either :lol: Needless to say, that is never an issue.

AndersonEquestrian 10-03-2012 08:11 PM

Oh might I also suggest the Equine Focus from Bar-Ale. It is fantastic. Look at my posting in the "Horse Talk" section on my Saddlebred mare who I am picking up weight on.

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