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horsecrazygirl 10-03-2012 08:42 PM

broody chicken
i am not sure if there is already a thread about this.
i would ask on another thread but i am not allowed to post.
i have a chicken who is a year old. about a week ago she became broody. i know for a fact she is because she is fluffing up making weird noises every time you go near her.and very protective of her nest. i want her to stop. i don't have a rooster so i know she is definitely not going to have chicks anytime soon.
how can i stop her from being broody?

SeamusCrimin 10-17-2012 11:45 AM

My little bantams are like that - though only one of them really goes broody.

A few ideas are to keep moving her off her nest - this will take several attempts and she may soon just give up - though it'll take a bit of time.

I've heard that dunking the hen's lower ha;f into cold water - till her feathers are wet - helps too. I've never tried this personally, but it's been suggested. Apparently it acts as a distraction, as the hen now needs to dry herself off and preen her feathers. By the end, she may have forgotten about being broody - or she';ll remember and go back to her nest.

you could also try putting her in a raised wire cage, with food and water. The idea is that with nowhere comfy to sit, and brood, the hen will be deterred from the whole idea.

princessfluffybritches 11-06-2012 10:01 AM

Hi, Most of the time, I just take them off the nest and put them outside as many times as I can per day. It may take a week or so with a stubborn hen. Or sometimes I just leave them there but make sure they are getting food and water.

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