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EvilHorseOfDoom 10-04-2012 04:46 AM

The officialish budgerigar thread!
Have noticed a few members on here who keep budgies so decided to set this up. I bred them throughout my teen years - a fantastic way to learn about genetics in practice!

Anyway, please come and share your stories and photos, ask questions or just help plot the genetic pathway to the first ever red/pink budgie ;-)

Those who've never had budgies - they're pretty chatty but make awesome pets, and some of them are very clever!
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Tracer 10-04-2012 05:26 AM


Originally Posted by EvilHorseOfDoom (Post 1706470)
Anyway, please come and share your stories and photos, ask questions or just help plot the genetic pathway to the first ever red/pink budgie ;-)

Asking for photos was a huuuuge mistake :P

Anyway, I started off with one budgie in January 2009, and as of right now have 3 indoor budgies, 9 in an aviary, 3 pairs in breeding cages, with 6 chicks between them. So yes, that's 21 budgies all up at the moment. Sadly this means that I've gotta start parting with some soon :(

Now for introductions :P To save a heck of a lot of space I've made a slideshow :D It features the indoor and outdoor budgies, many of which I've bred, including 2 of the current babies that are about due to fledge.

click for slideshow

EvilHorseOfDoom 10-04-2012 06:06 AM

Woohoo! Will have to get on the PC to see the slideshow :D

Most I ever had was 17, 21 must be quite raucous!! Don't you love hearing the first peeps from the first hatchling in a clutch? And fledglings are adorable, especially when they're learning to fly!

A funny budgie story illustrating three very different mothering techniques!

Mrs Goldie, a lutino (yeah, such an inventive name lol), was the first hen we bred. She would lay a clutch of 6 eggs every time, and every time four would hatch. She was incredibly protective, if you even peeped in the breeding box through a crack she'd screech like anything. So we took a hands-off approach with her. All her chicks developed by the book - they each came out of the box precisely four weeks after hatching, and learned to fly (daddy teaching them) within a week. When they were all flying and living outside permanently she would clean her box by taking the eggshells and droppings in her beak one at a time, pop her head out and drop them on the floor. By the time she was finished the box looked barely used. A model mother!

Mrs Fatty was our second hen to be bred. She would lay enormous clutches (between 9 and 12 eggs) and her partner was very fertile so she had a very crowded nesting box come hatching time! Nothing about her breeding was on schedule but she grudgingly allowed me to look in the box to check for mites and the like. Her fledglings would eventually find their way out, but the youngest in her first clutch refused to leave the box for a whole extra week and became so fat that Mrs Fatty (not slim herself) had to get behind the not-so-little one and push with her head til she popped out and landed unceremoniously on the floor of the cage. Having done that, Mrs Fatty decided to do some housekeeping, so she turned her rump to the done and proceeded to kick as fast as she could with her legs. Fluff and poop and debris came flying out of the hole and showered all her fluffy babies (and my surprised face!). The box a little less filthy, she decided her duty was done and it was time for food. Her partner, Patrick, was left to feed the babies and teach them to fly.

Mrs Goldie had a hen chick called Emmy who was of good quality so ended up in our breeding program. She and her partner Bertie (one of Mrs Fatty's) hatched three chicks from 6 eggs in their first season. The runt of the litter, Chinky, had an infertile egg squash him and dislocate his wing (he ended up being able to fly fine but it was always crooked). Emmy and Bertie doted upon Chinky but they were less than loving to the two eldest (Twiggy and something else). When they were hatchlings, they'd call out for food and Emmy and Bertie would try and squash them by sitting on them. Chinky got all the food and all the love and became a total brat once he moved in with the rest of the flock. Needless to say we decided Emmy and Bertie were not good enough parents to try a second clutch, and they were never bred again.
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EvilHorseOfDoom 10-05-2012 10:58 AM

Yay! You have an olive green called Ollie too! Ours was a hen so Olivia (sadly became eggbound twice on her first clutch and died from the resulting infection). And the unnamed baby looks sooo much like cheeky little Chinky! My favourites are Sora (can't resist a yellow-faced blue) and Peanut though.

I'll have to see if I can find any photos of my budgies - it was in the days before digital cameras/phone cameras were affordable and I'm not sure if we have our old photo albums out of storage :-(

Tracer 10-06-2012 12:24 AM

Haha you have some hilarious stories :P

It's amazing how different they can all be. My hen Stormy was almost never out of the nest box, whereas Jazz is hardly ever in hers.

Yes, the baby peeping is adorable! Not so much right now though, where all we hear all day long is the cheeping of hungry little babies...

Yush, my Ollie Oliver! Or Ollie Oleander. It's such an adorable name for budgies. Eggbound twice in one clutch? The poor little girl. I've been lucky enough to not have any eggbound hens yet *knock on wood*.

I like the name Chinky :P I should name that baby Chonky or something and they can be long lost siblings!

Sora is my mothers' pride and joy, although she still insists that he should be a she. When he was a bub he was a beautiful, almost violet color.

Peanut is a very special case. He is my little '******'. I noticed that he couldn't walk properly when it came time to fledge, so I brought him inside to check. It was worse than I expected - I was apparently blind and had no muscling in his legs. He could fly fine, except he flew straight into a solid wall. We could put our hands near him and he wouldn't flinch, even is we flicked our fingers. The vet advised me to put him down, but I decided to give him a week. Things weren't looking too good since he wouldn't even eat, but luckily his sister Puddleduck, who I had inside after hand-raising, took on the role of mother and fed him.

A few days later, he was like a different bird. And now, he's almost a normal budgie, except he looks a little boofier than most and walks on the side of his feet.

I made a little video of his progress if you wanted to have a look :) The Tale of Peanut

EvilHorseOfDoom 10-06-2012 12:49 AM

Aww, little Peanut is such a cutie, love the video! And Puddleduck is a good sister :-) Glad you persevered with him, he seems to love life!

We bred a little grey-green with brown markings that didn't make budgie noises, he croaked. So we called him Bullfrog. We also bought a male for our program who had clearly grown up around chickens and made clucking noises!

Tracer 10-06-2012 03:38 AM

Ahaha! A croaking budgie... That would've been interesting! Same with one that clucked. It would've sounded like you had a barnyard! I hope your other budgies didn't pick up the noises.

My Ollie has starting making pigeon noises, he sits beside me and coos.

hisangelonly 10-10-2012 12:31 PM

My budgie is named birdie. Very original I know lol. He's a little blue male. He's very tame. I can hold him and everything. Very sweet little guy. He was hand raised. He can wolf whistle. He can say "what are you doing? Huh?" and "pretty baby birdie" and his favorite "birdie birdie birdie!". He can kiss and laugh. He loves to share your dinner with you off your plate. And he loves his mirrors and bells. He takes baths in the sink. I love budgies they are so neat. They each have their own personality.
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hisangelonly 10-10-2012 12:32 PM

Oh and he's only a year old :)
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