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NBEventer 10-06-2012 08:38 PM

Crazy business idea...
Okay I have been playing with an idea lately and I am still on the fence on if its unrealistic or even a bit crazy.

I kind of want to work as a horse "consultant". I want to help pair horses and riders. I want to help people find a horse when they are looking to buy, I want to help people sell their horses. And even help people looking to lease a horse find a lease. Or help horse owners find someone to lease their horse should they need to.

Even going as far as to help find riders for horses that need a "tune up" or someone to show them or whatever the case may be.

A long term goal would even be helping people find the right coach or trainer.

I have lots of other ideas I would like to add to this in the future but thats a few years down the road. I need to work on building a reputation for myself as I am rather new to the area. But with time that wont be an issue.

The reason this idea has popped into my mind is I am always hearing how cut throat and catty our area is. Its also really small with very limited resources.

Does this sound far fetched and crazy? If not I need ideas on how to go about getting this started. I know there are people who do similar things out there, but they are not in my area. There is not much in terms of networking as it seems to be if you are friends with this person, you can't give someone else your business.

My real long term goal is to get facilities working together and helping each other. I would really like to see the horse world here grow.

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