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littrella 10-07-2012 02:55 PM

Just for laughs
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So, I got my ass out on the road this morning..... hehehe, sorry, had to do it.:lol:

alexis rose 10-07-2012 02:58 PM

What a cute ass! lol We have a donkey too and the ass jokes are always coming my way. The other day when I was getting off work a coworker asked if I was going home and playing with my ass.

Barrelracer00 10-07-2012 09:14 PM

I have one, too! Yep, I get all those ass jokes!

LeighLovesLongears 10-08-2012 12:49 AM

Yep! I got 3 of 'em. I think that if you own a donkey you destined to have those kind of jokes told to you.

AbsitVita 10-11-2012 03:22 PM

Cute donkey Littrella! I want one myself.

Speed Racer 10-11-2012 03:35 PM

Awww, what a cute little ass! Grabby hands!

GracielaGata 10-11-2012 11:02 PM


Originally Posted by Speed Racer (Post 1715489)
Awww, what a cute little ass! Grabby hands!

Okay, so I can't help but add my 2 cents of joke in there! You see a cute little ass and you have grabby hands... does that make it grab ass?! Sorry, couldn't help but go there, it was left so wide open, darn it!

eliduc 10-29-2012 12:16 PM

I owned two small asses once. I was called to trim a couple of mini's. An elderly woman in her seventies owned them and she wanted to give them away. Her husband had passed away and she could no longer take care of them. I told her I would take them and returned with my teenage daughter and the horse trailer. There wasn't anywhere to park it except across a busy two lane highway from the house. Well, neither one of the two little darlings were halter broke. I drug mine across the highway and tied it to the trailer. When I turned around the other one had it's front feet planted straddling the double yellow line and it was sitting back on its haunches with its hooves dug into the asphalt. My daughter was pulling on the lead rope and the old woman was bent over pushing for all she was worth against its hind quarters. Traffic was stopped in both directions. We boosted the boys into the trailer. When I got home and opened the rear door to the trailer I found myself staring at two perfect sets of testicles. I had never thought to look. One was an escape artist and the other an alarm clock that went off at 5 am without fail. I was unwilling to pay the price of gelding the duo so I found home a home for them.

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