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Horseshoe Creek 10-08-2012 12:15 PM

Must have equipment for Drafts
I will be getting my first draft horse in a week or two. She is a 13 year old, 18H Clydesdale mare, ex-show horse, trained to drive single to 4 abreast, currently trains the youngsters and purported to be very quiet. I am going to see her this week so ensure she'll be quiet enough for me to harness/handle on my own.
I have other horses/donkeys so basic care isn't a problem but besides the harness and wagon/sleigh I'll be looking for, what else do you consider a must have for the big ones? The first thing that comes to mind is some sort of platform to brush and harness her. Does anyone have any ingenious ideas for a platform (I'm thinking of all the wooden pallets we have around here).
Thanks! Chris

PercheronMom 10-11-2012 02:23 PM

I have a 18.3 Percheron, that I ride everyday and occasionally drive, I find riding him WAY MORE FUN! As far as special equipment, there really isn't any. I did have to get a larger bridle and wide tree saddle but that's it.

I do use steps to mount, but not to brush or to tack. I have worked to have him lower his head to me for bridling and the saddle, well we just get it up there. Harness is a bit harder, and I do step on a milk crate to get it onto him. It's really not that much different than any other horse.

Horseshoe Creek 10-11-2012 02:28 PM

Thanks! That lowering the head thing will come in handy for sure - that's first on my list if she doesn't already know it.
I need more than a milk crate to get up on my 15H gelding - how on earth do you do it on an 18.3H Percheron?! You're my hero! :lol:

PercheronMom 10-11-2012 02:35 PM

I lower my stirrup and then raise it when I am on! I do have to use 2 steps getting on his back, but when harnessing I just use a milk crate. Lowering the head is important, but teaching them to stand quietly next to steps, rocks, tailgate of a truck whatever is also important as it's the ONLY way to get onto these big guys!

Bluebird 11-02-2012 01:45 PM

I know a lady in Scotland who is the Secretary of The Clydesdale Horse Society. She is 5 feet tall and has to use a dining room table to get on her Clydesdale! LOL I have a set of plastic steps which are sturdy and mobile and cost me about 30. Its the only way I can groom my Clydesdale.

Dugan 11-24-2012 09:33 PM

I just got a Percheron! He is 18 h, slightly underweight, but in good health and has good feet! What type of saddle is best for Percherons? Monies are limited!

ThatDraftGirl 11-25-2012 06:35 PM

For Driving:
1.) Harness
- Harness
- Hames
- Collar
- Driving Bridle
- Single driving lines
- Bit
2.) Singletree
3.) Cart/Carriage
4.) Shaft loops if using a cart with shafts

For Riding:
1.) Draft sized saddle
2.) Girth
3.) Riding Bridle
4.) Riding reins
5.) Bit
6.) Saddle Pad

Lunge line
Turnout Blanket
Turnout Sheet
Rain Sheet
Fleece Sheet
Rope halter
Heavy Duty Nylon halter
Big feed bucket
Fly mask
Fly sheet

*high fat/low sugar&starch pelleted grain* Research EPSM in Drafts
Big Mounting block.

Make sure everything you buy is draft sized. Oversized will not fit.

Some helpful sites for Draft stuff:

Good luck!

Bluebird 11-25-2012 06:48 PM


Originally Posted by Dugan (Post 1771022)
I just got a Percheron! He is 18 h, slightly underweight, but in good health and has good feet! What type of saddle is best for Percherons? Monies are limited!

Simple answer: One that fits! You can't just go out and buy any saddle. it depends on what style of riding you do (western/english) as to the type of saddle you buy. You should really get the saddle expertly fitted as an incorrectly fitting saddle can do all sorts of damage to your horse's back. Money may be tight but a vet's bill will always cost a lot more. Do your homework and don't be in too much of a rush to buy the first saddle you see. I have an 18.5" British saddle for my Clydesdale but I am going to have to get a refit because he is still growing. A Western saddle would be a different ball game as they fit differently to English saddles. Heavy horses don't stop growing until they are around 6 or 7. They also change their shape in the summer and winter so you need to allow for this. They weren't bred originally as riding horses and riding heavies has only recently become popular. Therefore you will find the right size equipment can be difficult to come by. I often have to order specially made tack from Germany, occasionally the USA and I also have to have some of it made to measure. Heavy horses can be an expensive hobby!

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