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Equilove 10-09-2012 10:44 AM

What do you think Willow could be?
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She's about 15.1 and FAT. Stocky build. Sometimes I look at her and think she may have a touch of Arabian in her somewhere, and then I watch her move out and she almost moves like a gaited horse just before she picks up her not-so-smooth trot. She kind of bobs side to side when she's trotting, but it is a diagonal trot, not a rack, pace, or running walk.

The last photo is her when she wasn't so fat. That's the picture the guy sent me of her before I bought her. I've only had her since 9/28.

Equilove 10-09-2012 10:48 AM

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Oh and angles like these are the reason I think she may have some Arabian. She has HUGE eyes and such a cute lil nose.

deserthorsewoman 10-09-2012 11:09 AM


BarrelracingArabian 10-09-2012 11:42 AM

I dont see any arab. I do see paint/ quarter and in one picture a touch of tb.shes cute though love her face in that last picture.
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countryryder 10-09-2012 01:09 PM

She's cute,whatever she is! :)

old97fan 10-09-2012 10:29 PM

might be some Paso fino in there. Could explain the hint of gaiting and some of the other traits.

Remali 10-10-2012 12:18 AM

She's real pretty! I don't see Arabian there, but I think she could be part Paso, and she does look QH.

Equilove 10-10-2012 12:01 PM

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Ya know, Paso does seem like a logical mix. Maybe Paso and paint, but if that's what it is, I don't think the cross is 50/50.

Idk for some reason when I'm handling her some of the things she does remind me of an Arabian.

Here's a better pic of her noggin from a profile view. I'll try to get a video of her moving out if I can to show her little "shuffle". Thanks everyone!

Speed Racer 10-10-2012 12:02 PM

Possibly part Paso. No Arab that I can see.

jaydee 10-10-2012 03:48 PM

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She looks similar to my Looby who also has no history.
We wondered if she had some arabian as she has been trained by someone in the past to ride in an arabian show type headset - holds herself like that with no contact as if she's been ridden in a training martingale - has a tendency to be overbent.
I rode a few part breds that showed no real likeness to arabians at all and our mini clyde is actually half arabian though you would never think it to look at her
She's lovely whatever she is - thats the way I look at it

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