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LinkIsAGenius 10-09-2012 03:20 PM

Can she put this horse down?
Ok so I help out a horse breeder and she owns about 13 horses and has 1 that she doesn't own. Now this horse is beautiful so I can understand why she breeds from her but she has a terrible temper. She's attacked me 3 times and tried to attack her 7 year old daughter before and there is noting you can do to stop it. You can't put her in a stall because you'd get attacked trying to get her in there, you can't go in the paddock with her because as soon as you walk through the gate she's there trying to bite and kick yo. The only person who can get near her is the breeder but she has to have food and a headcollar unless she has a foal then we're all screwed.
She was left at the same farm as the breeders horses sbout 5 years ago and the owner went to see her twice in this time but he is in a wheelchair and can't handle her so he's told the breeder that she can breed from her (Not a good idea she's killed 2 of her own foals) and move her with the rest of her horses if she wants but he didn't sell her to the breeder or give her the paper work.
At the moment this horse is on a public foot path so if anyone goes in there they will be attack (there is no sign to say agressive horse). She was originaly going to be pts around christmas but after loosing one of the old mares and my breaker she decided not too because it was all too upsetting. I was just wondering if she could have this horse pts without the owner knowing? He has not left any contact details so she can't ask

Speed Racer 10-09-2012 03:24 PM

The horse is essentially abandoned if the owner hasn't paid any boarding or maintenance costs on the mare. However, if the breeder is using her, it could be considered a free breeding lease.

She needs to at least make an attempt to contact the owner before she makes any decisions about the mare.

FWIW, if it were my horse she'd have had a bullet put in her brain long before now if she's really as awful as you state. The breeder could have a major lawsuit on her hands if the horse hurts someone.

LinkIsAGenius 10-09-2012 03:30 PM

You're right something really needs to be done. I tried doing some work with her and ended up with some lovely bite marks she really makes the stallions look like friendly little lambs

Speed Racer 10-09-2012 03:32 PM

Ugh, I don't care how nicely put together an animal is, if it has a crappy temperament it does NOT need to be bred.

LinkIsAGenius 10-09-2012 03:45 PM

That's what I tried to tell her but then again I guess she's not the one who has to handle them. She sells most of her horses as unhandled 3 year olds and not many of them have very good tempers, the last one I worked with was a darling little colt he was good as gold it's just too bad the stallion escaped.
What would you sell an unhandled 3 year old for? Heights from 14hh-15hh. She's sells them for 1000 each unless they're going to be huge when they mature, she's sold a 15hh yearling for about 2000 a few months ago.

jaydee 10-09-2012 04:03 PM

This horse could well have some sort of a brain tumour - but whatever the problem it should be euthanised. Unless the owner had some sort of a breeding agreement in lieu of the cost of its keep he really has no claim on the horse and I cant imagine why he would want it back anyway. As long as the person shows she has made reasonable efforts to contact him she is pretty much covered - putting notices in several newspapers is one way of doing this if she has no address.
I am amazed she is getting as much as 1000GBP for a yearling - unless it has some sort of incredible bloodlines. A friend of mine was at the Malvern sales not long ago and warranted broken horses weren't making much more than that - a young warmblood proven dressage horse only made 1500GBP and it was in great condition

LinkIsAGenius 10-09-2012 04:26 PM

I wouldn't really know if the bloodlines are any good.. I think the only one's she mentioned are King Of Diamonds and Dance With Wolves.

jaydee 10-10-2012 09:42 AM


Originally Posted by LinkIsAGenius (Post 1712545)
I wouldn't really know if the bloodlines are any good.. I think the only one's she mentioned are King Of Diamonds and Dance With Wolves.

Dances with Wolves is an appaloosa stallion and was very popular as he was a success in the showring, hunted, dressage and did some eventing, he's a good build of horse and a lot of his produce have done really well too. I dont think he stands at public stud any more
King of Diamonds was an Irish Draft and has been dead for quite a long time but he was a great horse that sired many top horses so having his name in a pedigree is an asset
That aside - the mare is still too high a risk to be kept anywhere near people and by the sound of it other horses too
Hope something gets sorted out
Love to Shropshire - its a beautiful county. We lived there for several years

krisfulc 10-10-2012 09:47 AM

From your description, it sounds like that horse has something mentally wrong with her.

What do you mean when you say "darling little colt he was good as gold it's just too bad the stallion escaped."

LinkIsAGenius 10-10-2012 12:26 PM

Well one of the stallions has a habit of escaping and he doesn't get on very well with geldings or other stallions so he's kept with the mares but he got out into the youngsters field there were 5 fillies and 2 colts, one of the colts is a very good jumper and he jumped the hedge to get out but Rodney wasn't exactly the most athletic horse in the world and he got attacked, really badly I don't know the extent of his injuries because I wasn't there at the time but he had to be put down.
She should have learned from this. He got out again a few weeks later and attacked two 5 year old geldings who were very expensive show animals, one of them had to be put down because his injuries were so bad and the other one is badly scarred physically and mentally, he can't go near another horse he takes off as soon as he sees them.

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