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riccil0ve 10-09-2012 05:03 PM

I absolutely LOVE my job!
I work at the county animal shelter in the cat kennels. Not only do I get paid well and treated well as an employee, my job is enjoyable and rewarding. Yes, I come across sad and stressful situations, but I feel we can do and have done so much good at the shelter. It feels amazing when an animal you have been caring for is adopted. It is amazing when you see cats come such a long way from hunkering, terrified creatures to cats that come up to you purring when you open the kennel door.

My favorite cats moved into the Available Cat Room today. Rafiki and Belle came in as completely terrified, pitiful creatures hiding behind their litter pan. Belle would literally shake with fear. They were thin, covered in fleas, and just felt gross. Two weeks later, they are flea-free, actually eating well, and feel much better. They come up to me purring when I walk into the room. They are still timid and stressed by loud noise, and they have a long way to go but they have already come so far.

I am so grateful I've found a job I enjoy going to every day, where I can actually make a difference with animals. We had a staff meeting last week and we were asked, "what are you fighting for?" I am fighting for the animals that come so far.

Here's to Rafiki and Belle, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that they find a wonderful, quiet home soon!

Jessabel 10-09-2012 11:05 PM

I'd kill to be in your shoes. Working with cats beats a stinking dog kennel any day!

Rafiki and Belle are gorgeous. I bet it won't take long for them to find homes. :-)

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