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blue eyed pony 10-10-2012 09:41 PM

latest work!
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Been a while since last time I updated my art on here.. but I just finished a piece that took FOREVER. 6-7 hours on the sketch and lines, and then a few more hours to colour and shade.

Perhaps you remember this guy?

If you do... he's pretty much what prompted my efforts to improve my style. Much as I like my old style, I want to look at my own art and think, WOW. I wasn't doing that. I was thinking, ehh, that's ok, I'm sure I can do better though.

On the face of it, it seems a pretty drastic change. In actual fact it's not really. The eye and the ears are much the same as they've always been, but there's more DETAIL, and more realistic shaping of muscles and lines.

Thor's a character of mine that I've been working on developing, and his design has been in my head for quite some time. My style has recently been going through something of an overhaul, and I have been trace-sketching to try to get my eye in... trying to teach myself to produce more realistic art. This is the result of that, in the end. Still me, but better.

Thor is part imagination, part reference. I reffed his body and legs, and imagined his head, neck, hooves and tail. I used no references whatsoever for shading - while I was sketching, I used my reference photo to help block in muscle lines, and those muscle lines helped me with detail. The reference I used was a photo of Magic which had her standing just like Thor is, but her head was turned towards the camera and her neck ties in too low to really fit him. So I had to call on some artistic license.

I am very very proud of this work. Thor is my second freehand piece on my new graphics tablet - the wolf I have also uploaded was my first. I haven't done pure digital work in years.... not since I killed my old tablet... and I am LOVING the freedom of expression. I'm not limited in any way, whereas with traditional media I'm limited to what my chosen medium can do (graphite or coloured pencils, versatile though they are, are sadly limited when compared to the world of digital).

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