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MyLittlePonies 10-11-2012 02:13 PM

What Might Go Into Owning a Successful Stallion?
This is a touchy subject so let's please be nice as we all have our own opinions and are entitled to it.

Late last night, I was figuring out my costs for sending my stallion back to the trainers and showing again. Simple enough right? Not exactly. There is a lot of work to do. This thread is made so people who want to stand a stallion, who has never done so has an idea of what they might be getting into and I hope this thread goes well.

Generally when thinking about having a stallion, you should look at bloodlines, conformation, temperament, disposition, height (disciplines require certain heights), trainability, and overall why you want to stand a stallion. You must have a strong fence that will not break down. Matience is looking the fence over everyday to ensure safety of horse(s) and to make sure he doesn't party off the property like say with your neighbors mares or fight with other stallions. Another thing is to have a trainer that is reliable who can see what the horse is meant for. Not every western pleasure bred horse can perform at western pleasure. Generally a good trainer is around $750/month. That is what I have right now starting in January-October. They must be up to date on shots, wormers, and Coggins(I would do it out of saftey even if you are not taking him out of state). Campaigning and advertisement is the most expensive part in my opinion, because it's not a one time thing. You will end up doing it multiple times.

Here are some magazines that will show you what you may have to deal with.
AQHA Journal

NSBA Way To Go Magazine

These are just general ideas of what advertising is. For advertisement making that varies a whole lot based on who you are using. I am using RR Designs for our December issues. It's not bad pricing on getting the ad done it's where your market is and where you advertise.

Now, that's not all that's involved. Buying the stallion in the first place depends entirely on what you want. Do you want it young so you can attend futurities or do you want something already showing or retired to stud? All up to you and it takes work. After all the showing and and training and he's ready to retire to stud, now comes the interesting part. Homework. What bloodlines is his sire known to cross well on? What has his dam been crossed well on. You can talk to breeders of the same discipline and they should be able to tell you or give you advice. To be giving advice by another person is not a bad thing by any means. You learn something new everyday. Just like at the Hoosier Horse Fair, I ran into a guy who was friends with my stallions breeders and told me what bloodlines to cross him with and what was hot and what was not. Very great advice and I am going to use that advice because I am seeing the crosses work just looking through the journals. Breeding is a gamble, but randomly crossing horses is not a great way to go if you want to have outside business. Many people will probably argue with me, but I am entitled into what I believe in.

Again, I hope many breeders join in and share their experience about breeding their stallions, because I know there are a lot of people who probably are wondering what all really goes into a breeding stallion, but are afraid to ask. I honestly would be too, because I have seen threads go bad so please keep it civilized and respect one another. Obviously I have missed some information, but others will clear it up. I'm not ranting, I'm just wanting to start a thread to help curious people learn about what it takes to own a stallion. AQHA.pdf

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