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Maple 10-12-2012 08:41 AM

Childminder and babysitters
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What does everybody do with their kids throughout the day? Do you send them to a creche/minders? What kind of holiday/payment plan do you have?

I'm asking because I'm in full time work, my husband part time. The minder I have had for the last year 1/2 has told me that she can no longer mind the kids, as a family member is ill. I am now struggling ALOT to find somebody to mind my kids who I like.

Over the last week I have been busy going to creches and private minders. I am hesitant to go down the creche route as they will only take my son and not my daughter. The last few evenings I have met private minders, and BOTH have changed their prices when I was in with them.

They are also looking to be paid holiday days... which is a serious "irk" of mine. I get paid 20 days holidays, as stated in Irish law but I also pay nearly a full day's wages on tax every week. I dont believe somebody not paying tax should be entitled to holidays. The first minder I met with changed her price by 10, to take into account the petrol for driving my daughter to and from school, which I thought reasonable anyway.

The minder I met yesterday changed it from 50 per day (a normal going rate at the moment) to 5 per hour for my son and 3 for my daughter. When she is on school holidays that will set me back 80 for the day?!?!?

Another question I have, is how would you feel about a minder in your house? I had a call from a woman today and she is willing to mind them in our own. She sounds lovely, honestly said that she is desperate for work since she hasn't had work in a few years (used to work in a creche and went onto an elderly care home which closed down) which kind of tugged at my heart strings abit. Ireland is in a serious mess financially and I would like to help somebody in need or help, rather than the other two who had nice cars, homes and clothes. I'm just unsure about having her in my house, all day alone... where she could quite happily indulge in our personal files/information without our knowledge.

Thoughts please? I **** near felt the need to headdesk my desk today, and have since reverted to letting people leave messages on my phone so that I dont need to deal with this for the moment.

OutOfTheLoop 10-12-2012 09:04 AM

I'm not sure what us prices convert to but here's what I pay. From age 6 months to 3 years I kept my daughter at a in home childcare facility and it was 75$ a week. When she was 3 I put her in preschool/ childcare in a private church and it was 125$ a week. Now that she's attending school, her before school and adterschool care is 55$ a week. I would have loved to have childcare in my own home. I would ask her for references to call from parents of children she may have previously cared for, and go from there. I am nit sure if you can do it in Ireland, but in the US you can get a background check as well.
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Sahara 10-12-2012 10:03 AM

Years ago, I had a nanny for my son. She cared for him in our home and she became a member of our family. I trusted her with my son's life, so the issue of trusting her in my home was non-existent. If you are concerned about personal information, lock your files.

Joe4d 10-12-2012 12:32 PM

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nikelodeon79 10-12-2012 12:49 PM

Finding care for my son was a huge concern of mine when I was pregnant. Luckily, my cousin, who is a stay at home mom, agreed to watch him for me. I pay $25 per day, and do not pay on days he doesn't go there. In return, I am very flexible with her schedule. I work 4 days per week and am able to rotate days if she needs a different day other than Wednesday (my normal day off) off. She's also gone on vacations, etc. and I either have a backup sitter or take time off of work.

Most actual daycares here charge you for days you are normally scheduled for, even if you don't bring your child. If your child is sick and he/she stays home, you still pay for daycare. If you have a holiday off that isn't a "major" holiday (Christmas, Thanksgiving), you still pay even if you don't bring your child.

As far as having someone come into your home, I think that would be WONDERFUL as long as they are trustworthy. In the US, there is such a thing as "licensed and bonded" child care professionals that enter your home. This is for the concern of theft/privacy... basically it protects your property in the case of theft. In order to be licensed & bonded, they would've had to undergo a background check.

I used to do in home child care when I was young, but it was for a close family friend.

tinyliny 10-12-2012 01:11 PM

I didn't do daycare at all, since I am a stay at home mom, but as with anything, the cost varies hugely by region/country. I think around here you'd pay at least 10$ per hour for two children for personal care, either in your home or the caregiver's home. As for daycare in a facility, I am not sure but would guess that monthly is something like $500 to $650. It's very expensive. We don't pay for holidays, as far as I know, except in the case of a nanny who works full time IN the house.

btw, having 20 paid holidays , as per law, is pretty darn generous. I think that about 10 in the US is the norm. We have 10 national holidays, but people in salaried jobs usually get 10 more days of paid vacation to take when they wish. Not so for hourly (wage)jobs. They are not gauranteed much at all.

We do , however, usually have sickleave of about equal length, so maybe it's not so different.

Maple 10-12-2012 02:54 PM

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We have decided to meet with the woman who wants to mind them in our home. It will be better for the kids not to be dragged out of bed at 6am, and with the way things are at the moment I won't mind having somebody around the house while we are working. Breakins and thefts are a major problem here at the moment (just 2 weeks ago we had 5 cars broken into at work in the middle of the day, and they also did a nearby school) and a few years ago we had our heating oil robbed on Christmas day while at the inlaws.. so had no heat for the remainder of the holidays :(

I'm just suprised how hard it is to find somebody. With the unemployment rates I would think people would be jumpin at the chance to make some money to go ontop of their jobseekers.

LizNicole520 10-18-2012 03:30 PM

This may be a little late but.. In the last week I have had to change my childcare situation and thought maybe I can share what we dealt with.

I'm a single parent so having flexable care hours is very important. I wanted to avoid a daycare center because I work 45 minutes from home and no center near my home offers hours to meet my needs. Last year I opted to have my son watched by a family I know, for $35 daily which is less than what a center charges. This was great. Family atmosphere and all, kids close in age to play with. Then the pros became cons. Different parenting, bad habits formed.. etc. So I made the decision to reconsider childcare.

He started at a learning academy where he is with 20 kids in his class. Its two blocks from my work so work around my hours... and He has a very structured day. I know his meal plans, snack plans a month in advance if I like. They do activities, learn signing and spanish. They offer a tutor program that comes to the school and a gym class 2x weekly in additional to play and playground time! He'll still pick up bad habits but I can work one on one with teachers to correct it verses asking a family to change their ways. [Which would be a fight].

We decided against a nanny because I don't feel comfortable with someone in my home.. and I felt he still needed peer interaction. Plus, they tend to charge more because they are relying solely on the income you are giving them.

Just some words for thought - Hope you find a caregiver soon!

**PS - He is 3 turning 4

Delfina 10-25-2012 01:02 AM

I work from home (usually very late hours when my kids are asleep or during school hours) so that I am here for my kids.

I also care for various kids of friends and neighbors on an as-needed basis. Daycare centers close at 6pm and most in-home providers don't want kids any later than that either. Doesn't work for a few friends who can't pick up their kids until 7 or 8pm. I don't care what time the kids are here (same amount of work for me if they are here at 8am or 8pm and my kids don't mind random toddlers running around) so I get the late kids.

Currently for 2 toddlers, it's $60 a full day (about 9hrs) and $30 a half day. I am approx. half the price of day care centers since I don't have a lot of the costs that they do and since it's friends, they also help me with costs by bringing me toys, cribs, gates and other baby paraphernalia that they have extras of or find at a good sale.

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