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Roperchick 10-12-2012 02:12 PM

Windows is the Bane of my existence
Long story short...both my computers that have windows (HP and Compaq) have broken once pretty sure its the harddrive on BOTH and that double pisses me off because i just bought a new harddrive for my Compaq 6 months ago -_-

My HP wont even start up. it gets to the screen telling me to start normally or attempt repairs..if i start normally it freezes on the Windows start up screen then goes immediately into the repair mode...but doesnt repair anything....awesome.

my Compaq has been messing up for about 3 weeks. it has a bad disk driver and its been crashing...and i was gonna take it in...bu ti wanted to get my HP in first because its been broke longer...

my logic was i would baby my Compaq along for the 2-3 days it would take for my HP to hopefully get fixed...i could have sent my HP off to get fixed ffor free (warranty haha) but its already been sent in 3 times...all the way back to NM then to HP main....a process that takes about 1-2 months....not happening.

but i havnt had time...then 2 nights ago my Compaq finally croaked. it wouldnt get past the welcome screen..

so my parents and i went to the PX nd i took both my little turds to the Computer shop....of course when i turned my Compaq on for the worked....what a hypocrite computer...if it hadnt been only $200 from a friend and if i didnt rely on it for backup (i cant keep technology working to save my life lol) i oulda chunked it into the ocean by now.

but the HP is still broke...and theyre gonna take a look at my HD for the Compaq so bleh. i cant get em back till monday!

so now on to my real problem.....i have an ibook works glitches...escept one....

ive never had a mac so i have NO idea how to get internet! aaaah. i have cable internet and with every other plug it in and it pops up on available connections.....

does a mac do that???
NOOOOOOOO. its asking all kinds of dumb things and i have a feeling i just need to upgrade my internet to wireless (blehrg) and then punch it till it works....

so if ANYBODY can tell me HOW on earth i connect this ibook g4 to the would be my savior!

*end rant*

2muchcoffeeman 10-15-2012 07:38 PM

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