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Nevreme 10-12-2012 09:37 PM

Quick Costume
Next Saturday, the 20th, my barn is having a Halloween party with a mounted costume 'parade'. Unfortunately, that means I only have a week to come up with a costume for me and the 17+ hh gray gelding I'm using, and it must incorporate a helmet.

So I need some ideas :) The horse is basically white. Or he will be, if it gets warm enough for a bath on Friday or Saturday next week. He is also enormous. I will almost definitely be riding him bareback since we're just walking.

My ideas so far:
Unicorn (don't know what I'd be; I am definitely no princess)
The Grim Reaper - I'd paint a skeleton onto him with black finger paints and wear all black myself with a black hooded cloak.
Winter - I'd wear white and blue, and paint snowflakes and stuff on him. I was also thinking I could get some snowflake shaped confetti from the craft store and sprinkle it in his mane and tail.

Sooo, thoughts? Other ideas? I'm really excited, but I don't have much time :)

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