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iRide Ponies 10-13-2012 01:21 AM

Worst motor vehicle experience on horseback?
What is your worst experience on horseback or with a horse with a motor vehicle?

I wanna hear the stories. xD.

Heres mine;, I was leading my mare up the road, home from a lovely ride when a car backed out of a driveway in front of us. I saw it coming, and stopped about 10m away. The car proceeded to drive slowly up the road, and I followed it, maintaining my distance, eager to be home and eating dinner. Suddenly, in the middle of a busy road, the car reversed with speed. the driver did not check his mirror or peer out the window, I was in the middle of the quiet road and wearing florescent body armor, my pony was wearing a florescent bridle. The light was good. Still, the driver managed to back up and RAM his car into us! He hit my pony in the flank, causing her to throw her head up and scream. She then spun around, LEAPT over my head as I fell to the ground, and bolted don the road. The driver, completely oblivious to me and my horse, which had just bolted past his window, continued to reverse and would have crushed me behind his hind wheels if my neighbor had not bolted from his house, waving his arms and screaming at the man to stop.

Rest assured the driver got the talking to of his life. He didn't even seem sorry. My horse was okay, we found her about 300m away grazing on a lawn.

The man claimed he had no idea we where behind him. Like, whatever.

So who can top that for a motorist story? I wanna hear some!

Janna 10-13-2012 10:58 AM

My own ******ed sister nearly hit us, we were in the grass, too.
She thinks she has to fly down the road.

My horses is now scared every time a vehicle passes us and starts shaking.
Totally brilliant since most of my places to ride are the side of the road.

DraftyAiresMum 10-13-2012 11:45 AM

I was riding one of the dude string horses at our barn on a trail ride and we were crossing the main road in front of the stable on our way back. There was no one on the road for a good mile or two except one motorcyclist on a Harley. My friend crossed the road first on her arab mare and I followed on Reno (big paint horse). I was kind of letting Reno find his own way across because the motorcycle was so far away that we didn't have to worry about it...or so I thought. The guy actually sped up so that he reached us just as we were in the middle of his lane on the road, then got within fifteen feet of us and revved his engine hard. He was slightly behind and to the right of us, so neither me nor Reno saw him. When he revved his engine, Reno half reared and bolted toward the stable (which we could see from the road). The saddle I was in was too big for me and the stirrups were too long (but it was the only saddle that fit Reno) and I very nearly came unseated. My friend was freaking out because she totally thought I was going to come off. She was immensely surprised when I actually got Reno back under control from his mad dash toward the stable and managed to keep my seat.

loveduffy 10-13-2012 12:49 PM

wow I would of losted it

barrelbeginner 10-13-2012 05:30 PM

oh jee.. I have the normal.. people not slowing down when they see horses:( that irritates me like no other..

one story I have

I was riding my gelding sunny.. Many of you may know.. he is spooky.. but he was having a good day. not very spooky so I was riding down a dirt road.. and a car started to come..( the car itself doesnt scare him) and he noticed a bucket.. yes a bucket on the side of the road.. and flipped sheet.. and was all prancing in the MIDDLE of the road.. as a car came barreling toward us.... so if this was the road

/ /<< lol I was the dot.... / . / so kinda a little to the side.. the car DIDNT even slow down as my horse was having a total spazz attack...

thats the day I wish I had some rocks to throw and the darn people:)

DraftyAiresMum 10-13-2012 05:44 PM

Another experience I had (luckily my horse didn't freak out, but another horse I was riding with did) was on the way back from a dude string ride led by the trainer at our barn. I had decided to join the ride at the last minute and there were two other ladies on the ride (so four of us all together). We were on our way back, heading down the last road before we crossed the main road back to the barn, and I was riding drag on my 2.5-year-old, when this big diesel dump truck turned onto the road coming toward us. When he saw the horses, he started revving his engine as he came up on us. The first two horses (the trainer on Jazzy and one of the ladies on Jack) were fine, but Bubba, the horse in front of me, started absolutely freaking out. He bolted off the road and across a ditch, then kept trying to run through the fence on the other side of the ditch. The guy driving the dump truck started LAUGHING when he saw Bubba freak and revved his engine harder! I was so pissed that I didn't even think. I just dropped Aires' reins until I held them by the buckle (I use English reins) and started shaking my head and gesturing for the guy to slow down and quit revving his engine. I wasn't paying any attention whatever to what Aires was doing, but he just kept on walking straight, even when the truck passed within a few feet of us.

Ne0n Zero 10-14-2012 09:46 PM

I don't have bad road experiences.. Beau is fearless of motorized vehicles. I have some funny ones though.

First, I was riding down a back road with a friend and a huge diesel pickup truck came down the road behind us. We reined the horses off to the side of the road and let them graze while the truck passed. Stupid redneck truck driver thought it would he funny to rev his engine and blacksmoke it as he passed, thinking he would scare them. We got the last laugh though as he sped off, ego hurt because the horses didn't even twitch an ear. They were like yeah, ok, so not impressed.

Second, I had Beau on the road in front of the barn when a motorcyclist came down the road, again behind us. Typically motorcyclists around here are actually very respectful when they see us on the road, they'll slow down and wave or nod, give us room, and politely go on their way. This one though, a young guy, revved his bike behind Beau. Was he scared? Nope. What did he do? Got pissed, put his ears back, (I gave him his head), and he BOLTED down the road after the biker, wanting to race! We caught him at the stop sign and he laughed and saluted us.

I love my horse, lmao.
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jamesqf 10-15-2012 12:45 AM

Not a worst experience at all, but I expected it to be. Was out trail riding with a friend the other day, heard airplane engines, and within a few seconds two C-130s (big 4-engine military transport planes) went right over us at not much more than treetop level. Just had time to think "Omigawd Ellie's going to be crazy spooked!". Friend's horse danced a bit, but not bad. Ellie was just "Yeah, so can we get on with the riding?"

LikeIke17 10-15-2012 01:06 AM

Hmm... lets think.

People are generally okay around my place. When I want to go to the trails, I ride down a fairly straight road but there are no sidewalks or anything. So it's somewhat narrow.

I've had people speed by me and honk at the horses. That made me so angry. Seriously? How rude.

I've had my old Arab freaking out on the way home and decide that jumping into the middle of the road while a car was coming would be the best decision he could make at the time. Thank God the car slammed on it's brakes and didn't hit me.

I had someone rev their engine at us intentionally. Now, my horses are quite well behaved and rarely spook while on the road. And thankfully they didn't. They just get a little more alert and stare at it like "What is THAT and why is that noise happening??".

While people don't think about it (so it's really not their fault at all) is the little reflectors in the median lines. They run over those going at a fast pace and it makes a pretty sharp popping noise. Yeah, my horses always jump at that. Not dangerously of course, but it still scares them.

Motorcycles are the worst because they are loud and some moron zipped past us going at least sixty. Not only was he going quickly but I could have reached out and whacked him on the head with my crop. :) That makes me laugh thinking about it!

I've also had cars come WAY too close for comfort as they speed "around" us. They might as well just hit me! I think it's enough space if your car is AT LEAST half way into the other lane. But when you are still pretty much in the same lane as me, it's too close.

I always want to hit the cars as they go by.

(If someone intentionally made eye contact with me and revved their engines/did something on purpose to freak out my horses, I would call the cops. You don't mess with me like that.)

As for the guy that hit you and your horse OP, he would be in the hospital when I was done with him. Awful people in this world.

OKAY I'm done posting! :) Geez, you got me started!

iRide Ponies 10-15-2012 03:28 AM


Originally Posted by LikeIke17 (Post 1719597)

While people don't think about it (so it's really not their fault at all) is the little reflectors in the median lines. They run over those going at a fast pace and it makes a pretty sharp popping noise. Yeah, my horses always jump at that. Not dangerously of course, but it still scares them.

Oh Gosh yes. I haven't had problems with the reflectors as such, but I know from experience that big cars over shells on the beach are just as bad. Makes like a gunshots sound, horrible. My mare got used to it pretty quick and doesn't even flick an ear, but I know some horses who are petrified of it. people just don't realize. Of course, if they slowed down it would minimize the problem..

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