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RRACandyCane 10-13-2012 03:41 PM

Setting back at the Hitching Post?
Hey! I was grooming my mare that I've had forever and all of a sudden she jumped back and "set back" A lot of people call it that, but it's when the horse is nearly sitting down and pulling away at the lead rope. It was a break away knot, so it did break, and after that she was just standing there and blowing really loud.Any way to fix this? She has done it a couple of times and she gets really close when she rears too at the post and almost gets herself caught on it! It scares me!

Spotted 10-13-2012 03:46 PM

Tie her high, if thats an option. Stay clear when she does it because the only way she can release is to jump forward. There are devices that you can attach to the lead, so when she pulls it gives and is suppose to teach them not to pull back. One of these devices is called The Clip. I believe there is a video on the website to show you how it works. there are other type on the market, I just can't remember the names.

natisha 10-13-2012 05:49 PM

Aussie tie ring?

barrelbeginner 10-13-2012 05:52 PM

She might have learned that doing so 'sets her free' since you said she has done this a couple times. I would listen to what people offer on here.. and try everything to fix it.. as it could become a daily thing..

-tie her to a solid object.( I guess this could be bad too if she continues to freak out..just make sure she isnt in the way of something going to hurt her) :)

Saddlebag 10-13-2012 07:38 PM

If you have a round pen or small paddock, take her in there and remove her halter and lead. Load your pockets with treats, stand facing her put your hand up like a stop sign then walk to her shoulder with your left hand touching her as you walk. Turn away from her and walk back and offer a treat. Again the stop sign and to her shoulder again. She may turn this time so just go to face her and do the stop sign. Always touch her as you walk along her side and turn away as you return to the front position. Once you can complete a circle without her moving, move away a few feet just past arm's length and repeat the first exercise. Don't look at her but off to your right, otherwise she'll want to swing her butt away. You are out for a stroll which just happens to take you around her. She will be connecting the rewards with standing still (patience). Continue to expand your circles. No reward if she moves but try to put her back where you first started. When she's good with that, stop sign then walk straight away about 50' and come back and treat. Practise this for 3 days in a row if you can. Then put the halter and lead rope on and do it again, just letting the lead rope fall to the ground. You are now teaching her to ground tie. Horses that ground tie are more relaxed than horses that are securely tied. Knowing they can leave if they have, they stay.

Tnavas 10-14-2012 10:19 AM

This works well to break the habit - the knot at the whithers is a bowline. May be a good ifea to get a chiro to look at her - pulling back can put out the poll and cause the horse to have one hell of a headache.

Janna 10-14-2012 10:27 AM

id work on her giving pressure, then tie her to something very solid, tie her kinda high.
I like to use a tree branch.

tie, and if she pulls back. Let her.
Is use a rope halter and a rope tied to it, no metal. Metal can break easier.

caseymyhorserocks 10-14-2012 01:22 PM

Blocker tie ring. Works on every horse myself and my trainer have seen that pulls back.

Tnavas 10-14-2012 03:07 PM


Originally Posted by caseymyhorserocks (Post 1718819)
Blocker tie ring. Works on every horse myself and my trainer have seen that pulls back.

But does it actually STOP them trying to pull back?

There are horses that do it the moment they are tied up - snap the head back and break the baler twine.

A horse taught to tie up properly should not try to pull back just because they came to the end of the slack in the rope.

The photo above of my youngster (yearling, first time away from home he stood tied there for aboout 5 hours) tied to the truck doesn't pull back at all. He learnt that if he did the rope around his bum sent him forward again. He wore it each time he was tied up for a couple of months while he was young.

RRACandyCane 10-15-2012 01:52 PM

Thank you all! I have bought almost everything that y'all have mentioned and I also tried tying her higher. Nothing worked!! I was really surprised when i tied her higher because her neck was sooo outstretched and when it broke it came out with such force, she bounced back, and it broke fast, like right when she tugged, so it wasn't a knot you couldn't break out of. I asked the previous owners and they said she was doing it for a couple weeks when she first got there because she was nervous, but i've had her for 3 years and she's never done this except a week ago!! I have sent her to my trainer to try anything else.

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