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Nmgirl 10-14-2012 12:22 AM

i need advice someone please help!
HI EVERYONE! as you know ive bought a 10 year old thoroughbred 2 weeks ago, i am having a problem. She will do great in the arena but when we get out of the area of where her stalls are she will not go forward. I can get her out of the gate and walk a few steps but after the she will walk backwards. The stable hand will have to go grab the riens and make her walk forward. Well once i get her going and past a certain point with him she will do fine. After that we will go down by the trail/ditch and she does fine its not far at all so we will turn around go towards the stalls but i wont let her go all the way back. ok well when i turn her around she will not go back towards the trail i can kick her hard and she walks backwards faster. ive tryed smacking her butt with the reins and kicking and she moves back faster! and since this trail is by the ditch embankment its full of water and i dont want her to fall in there so im not sure what to do and try to make her go forward when im by myself. she is A HUGE girl and i cant just jump off walk her up a bit and jump on. ALSO! she doesnt like to stop. shes a trotter! when i make her stop she stops as long as there is pressure on the reins but as soon as the pressure is off she starts to trot again. anyways any advice would be great, thank you

Speed Racer 10-14-2012 08:07 AM

Where is your trainer, child?

This horse has your number and doesn't respect you. Backing up instead of going forward when you ask is pretty much the horse giving you the finger.

The horse may be barn sour or simply doesn't like to ride out alone. If your horse doesn't respect you, she doesn't trust you. If she doesn't trust you as leader, she's not going to listen to you.

You need an actual person there who can help you. There isn't a way for you to learn what you need over the internet.

Jore 10-14-2012 08:44 AM

I agree with Speed Racer, entirely.

I too recently acquired a ten year old OTTB mare.. she was on the track until she was seven and used as a broodmare for a couple years until she was started under saddle. My instructor and I don't believe that was never truly given any boundaries, so I've had to be consistent all the way through. She also would back up on me, whether I was getting on and at times, when I was trying to get her to go forward. Whenever she pulled something on me, I'd pull something on her.. and as a result of that, she's finally starting to respect me more.

About the trotting off, just spend all your riding time on fixing that issue. Indie would try trotting off after a few steps at a walk, so I spent a good couple hour long sessions just at the walk. I'd keep her on a loose-rein, but as soon as I felt her starting to trot, I'd pull back. Eventually, she went from one circle on a loose-rein to a few laps on a loose-rein. Also, practice getting her to stand still.. start with five seconds, and gradually increase it, then give her a nice neck rub if she stays still.. if she starts prancing, wait another five seconds, etc. It might get boring, but it'll pay off in the long run.

Nmgirl 10-14-2012 09:45 AM

thank you so much! :)

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