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Crazyoverhorses 10-14-2012 12:40 AM

Calling all mini horse people!
i have been showing big horses for about 3 years now, and i am getting a weanling mini and want to show him in the future ( nothing big, just 4h and some local showing). He is registered with the amha. i have been doing alot of research, and have a few questions about showing these little guys:)

When i set him up, should he be stretched or not?

I see some with cable halters, and some with normal show halters- does it just depend on conformation...?

Are their different breeds of minis? like mini QH or arabs?

Or is just all personal preference?

please remember he is going to be my first mini, i know these questions might sound kindove stupid to people who have been around minis alot.

Also any tips are greatly appreciated! :lol:

fanch 10-14-2012 03:21 PM

Welcome to the world of minis; I warn you, they are very addictive! I've been showing them since 2005 and the only reason I have only one is because im a student with no space for more!

The AMHA rule book says to show they square (like a quarter horse) but right now the trend is to have the back legs a little stretched. With my guy, having his back legs a little stretched rather than perfectly square makes him look better for conformation classes, so try different "poses" with your guy and see what makes him look best.

In the show ring today, cable halters with a wide nose-band are the only thing you see in halter classes, and than normal halters for other events. However, if you show your guy as a yearling, he would most likely out grow the halter you get for him. I see you are from oregon, the North West Miniature horse Club (NWMHC) is a thriving and large club in your area; I was done from canada to compete at a show hosted by them in eugene and I can say they are all really nice people. Not only are they a great source of info, but you may be able to do what I did and borrow small halters from others until your boy is full grow; it also gives you a chance to find what looks good on him before you spend $100+ on one.

There are not different breeds, but certain lineages have different "styles" some bloodlines look very stocky, some very refined, etc. This creates the appearances of many different types of minis (ie, I have a mini Thoroughbred in my yard!).

No question is stupid!! Please feel free to ask more, Im always willing to help out! I asked my fair share when I was starting out, guess I better give back :p
Whats your little guys name? Can we see a picture?

Crazyoverhorses 10-14-2012 10:52 PM

thanks so much! that helped me alot. his name is teddy, still need to think of a good registered name for him:) theres a picture of him in my horses. hes got a pretty good fro going on but hopefully he will grow out of it!

fanch 10-14-2012 11:11 PM

Hes precious. Best of luck with the registered name! I got to name my first mini "Chickadee Ridge Cinnamon Touch" but my second one came named....I kinda liked being able to pick!

Really, if you have any more questions, shoot!

LizNicole520 10-29-2012 05:59 PM

You're in OR? You've got some really nice horses around your area :) Are you showing breed, color or open? Breed tends to be a little more strict whereas I've found color [like Pinto] is a little more relaxed. Our show horses are stood like little arabs or squared in the backend but with the same distance and asked to rock forward, show than neck!

You also want to figure out what your horses flaws and assets are. Whats going to help accentuate one thing to draw the eye from another.

I show in Patent Halter and Cable halter for Halter classes. A western style halter for jumping, trail and showmanship in hand events.

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