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Pixie91 10-15-2012 03:32 PM

Pink papered mare
I have a 7 year old, Oldenburg, pink papered mare, very pretty 16.2hh, Bay by the German Stallion Acodetto out of a Hauptstutbuch Mare she has been over produced in Germany and I think it would do her good to have a foal. I haven't got the right facilities to breed her myself and wondered if anyone has any ideas of people I could contact in regards to breeding her.

MangoRoX87 10-15-2012 07:26 PM

Probably the owner of the stud you want?
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Merlot 10-15-2012 07:56 PM

Am a little concerned by your comment "you think it would do her good' to have a foal?
It's not necessary for any reason for a horse to HAVE a foal. There are so many unwanted horses out there, I believe you have to be very cautious about breeding at all. I would only breed if I was to keep the foal myself (which I am) or had someone I trusted who desperately wanted a foal from a particular mare.

Please don't breed just because you think it would do her good :-)

FeatheredFeet 10-16-2012 12:31 PM


Why do you think it would 'do her good' to have a foal? Not sure what you mean by 'over produced'. I expect you know that many mares don't foal easily and many die and lose their foals each year. What if your mare dies and you have to bucket feed the foal every two hours, round the clock? What if the mare rejects the foal and it must be bucket fed? Who will do all this? I presume you have the money to pay for the stud fee for a quality stallion, but what about vet bills, if the mare has problems during foaling?

If you don't have facilities to foal her out and raise and train the foal, it would probably cost you a lot, to have someone else, do it properly. And 'properly' is the word to remember here. Few would want the responsibility, to be honest.

What would be your plans for the foal? Certainly your mare is not planning to have a foal in the future. She won't care if she's ever bred. It will be you who is bringing a new life into the world, AND responsible for training and working with it. If the foal is well handled, well started etc., and of course with superior conformation, you'll possibly find a buyer. But maybe not. There are tons of quality horses with excellent pedigrees, being sent to auction, each and every day, in these difficult times. The majority end up being sold to the meat man and shipped to Mexico.

These days, anyone considering breeding, should think long and hard about the decision. Good homes and buyers are just not out there, as a few years ago.


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