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ElaineLighten 10-16-2012 12:25 PM

Riding when you're ill...
I have a lesson in 45 minutes
I'm getting over a cold, but my energy levels are wayyy down
Wish me luck...

Do you ride when you're sick? Obviously we still have to look after our friends, but can you muster the energy for a ride?

I need a caffeinated beverage

themacpack 10-16-2012 12:30 PM

It depends - there are times I can suck it up and get on with it and times when it just isn't worth it to me to do so. It really depends on how sick I am and just how motivated I am to ride that day.
A lot of times, for things like a cold, etc, just getting out there in the fresh air and doing some work helps to alleviate some of the symptoms and you end up feeling better for having done it.

beau159 10-16-2012 12:33 PM

For the general "I have a cold" type of sickness, yes, I ride.

But if I am so sick to the point I can't go to work, I've gotta be about on my death bed for that to happen, so if I can't go to work, then I won't ride.

So basically, yes. Fresh air usually makes me feel better anyway.

AlexS 10-16-2012 01:10 PM

Not usually. My reactions and thoughts are slower.

I ride for fun, rather than having to ride.

wetrain17 10-16-2012 01:29 PM

It depends how sick I really am. There are times when some fresh air and exercise will make me feel better. And there are those times when all I want to do is curl up under the sheets with some hot tea sitting next to me.

MysterySparrow 10-16-2012 01:35 PM

It comes down to how the sickness is affecting me. Sometimes my sinus issues will throw off my balance and when that is the case, I don't ride. For the most part, if I would pass a sobriety test (LOL) I ride since my chances to do so are pretty limited right now.

mls 10-16-2012 01:42 PM

If I am sick to the point I am not myself and might be testy or miss something wrong with the horse, I will not ride.

But then I was raised that you went to work, church and school unless you were throwing up - or dead. I have a pretty tough work ethic.

BarrelRacingLvr 10-16-2012 01:48 PM

I try and ride no matter how sick I am. To me it isn't fair to the horses when I have a busy schedule and take days off then expect them to go and perform thier best.

I try and get ahead of a cold by popping echinacea and chugging the OJ. But when the cold beats me to the start I pop some cold medicine and go about my daily duties. The days I feel my worst I might work on a few simple drills and exercise so we both don't get frustrated.

So unless I am violently vomiting or overall stuck in the bathroom I am going to ride....
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ElaineLighten 10-16-2012 05:40 PM

Going for a ride has actually made me feel loads better! I'm very tired now, (it is almost 11pm here though), but I wish I'd ridden when I felt poorly on Monday!
Now I know for the future :)

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