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SorrelHorse 10-16-2012 02:45 PM

I'm so frustrated with Ruger. [ranting again]
Ugh. Yesterday was such a bad day with him, I'm so mad. I was actually brought to tears over his behavior (something that has never happened to me) and I had to just quit and put him away.

If you don't know, i moved Selena down to live with him in a pen at the barn instead of at home for the winter. I normally put them in stalls seperately, but we can't afford it this time around so outside they go.

So yesterday I pulled them both out together, no problem, took them inside and tied them both up.

Well, they were both fine, so I took Ruger outside to the trailer to retrieve my tack (I hadn't moved it since the gymkhana on Sunday) and I tied him up there.

Alright. Well, he pulled back. He violently pulled back and hit the trailer next to him hard, screaming his head off, and then jumped forward and hit our trailer again. I pulled the release knot and got ahold of him, and he seemed to settle down.

Now at this point it's POURING down rain. I open up the tack room trailer and hold him and attempt to get the saddle on him with my pad. Now, I ride him in my brand new, nice Impact Gel pad and my nice show saddle because it's the one that fits him.

What does the idiot do? He tried to bolt off when I go to grab the cinch. I couldn't even get him to hold still to get it around. He jumped away from me, ran backwards, tried to grab the rope and run back to Selena, tried to kick out at me, reared, slipped in the mud, and I couldn't hold onto him very well because I was slipping all over the place too. I actually fell at one point and he drug me for a foot or two. It's a miracle through all this that my saddle didn't fall off and the pad too and get in the mud. Had that of happened, I would of probably marched inside, got the gun, and shot him. Sounds awful, but can you blame me for that?

Finally, I managed to grab the cinch and just walk next to him to get it tied off as he moved. I could NOT believe him. This is potentially the most respectful horse I've ever worked with on the ground, I don't know what he was doing.

When I finally did manage to get him saddled and bridled, my nice show saddle and pad were dripping wet. I mean, the water was pouring off in streams. I had my hood up and my hair was soaking wet, too. I was so mad.

I got on him, and I couldn't even get him to trot right. He wouldn't soften at the poll, he wouldn't shut up, he kept jigging sideways and snorting and jumping around. All of this occured in front of my trainer and her lesson people as well, I'm so embarrassed about it.

Five minutes and I just got off and took him back. I could NOT handle it. I unsaddled and just threw him back out and sat with Selena and let him scream his head off elsewhere. At that point he could of run through the fence and killed himself for all I cared. I was soaking wet, I was sore from having to fight with him, I was embarrassed, I was done. There's a gelding sale in Cali this weekend; I was about ready to throw him in the trailer and take him.

Sorry for the rant. I've cooled off now, but I will tell you one thing he will NOT be taken anywhere with Selena again. She will be pulled out and tied away from him several times a day and he is going to get worked right next to her until he figures out he doesn't want to piss his Mom off anymore.

Also, to give you perspective: My jacket has been sitting inside, hung up, next to the wood stove for ten hours and it is still wet.

tinyliny 10-16-2012 03:26 PM

Wow! I would never dare to get on a horse that upset. time for groundwork.

MHFoundation Quarters 10-16-2012 03:35 PM

What a crummy day, sorry he was a brat. I'd have been pretty angry too and if we were neighbors, I'd have gladly rode the snot out of him for you. They all have bad days and particularly at his age random idiot attacks are par for the course.

I think it's a great plan to take Selena away from him for periods of time and get it fixed now before he gets more attached.

beau159 10-16-2012 03:36 PM

Sorry for the bad day. :hug:

They'll do it to us all at some point!

How old is Ruger again? Is he 3? Especially at that age, they're goingn to have more than 1 off day, so expect it to happen again sometime!

How far is the trailer from where you could tied him? After the first pulling back incident, I would have taken him back inside and worked him next to Selena if you could. Which you obviously have decided to do after the fact. And then just carried your saddle and pad from the trailer, instead of trying to saddle him in a rush in the rain, as I suspect that "in a hurry, I'm getting wet" feelings you were having, rubbed off on him.

I very much hate getting wet. It's one of my biggest pet peeves.

I'm just glad you weren't hurt, especially being drug through the mud.

churumbeque 10-16-2012 03:37 PM


Originally Posted by tinyliny (Post 1721004)
Wow! I would never dare to get on a horse that upset. time for groundwork.

And the conditions sounded like a disaster waiting to happen with the rain and all.

SorrelHorse 10-16-2012 03:44 PM

Yeah at the time I wasn't thinking. I have gotten so used to him being perfect at the barn that I gave him too much credit and I should of known better.

Tiny - There was no place to do groundwork without being in everyone else's way.

I'm thinking that if he does this consistently I'm just going to have my trainer ride him out. I have a differing attitude with my horses vs. horses in training; I will ride out anything someone else's horse can do, but when it's my own horse I feel like everything is my fault and I get all messed up in the head.

The reason i wanted to take him to carry my things was because the trailer is pretty far from my locker...It would of been several trips otherwise and a long walk, but I definitely wish I had chosen that option instead. Or better yet, taken Selena to pack my things instead because I know she would of done it hitch free....But, on that note, Ruger would then of been tied alone and the only people to save him the lessonees or my trainer who would of been very mad at me.

I actually got on Selena because I had to chill myself out. She's hurt, but I just had to sit on her and hug her because she's totally my rock in situations like this because she's so good.

I'm glad I'm not hurt too. I was scared when he started to drag me around. It's sticky mud out there too, so my boots accumulated it and made it really hard to walk.

He's so ****ed hard headed; When he loses focus, he LOSES focus, and it sometimes takes a good 45 minutes of groundwork just to get his attention back on you briefly. My trainer hated that about him when he was started, and it's not been totally fixed. :/

beau159 10-16-2012 03:56 PM

I'm really fortunate that Beau and Red did nothing but neigh occasionally when I would separate them, and really lucky that Shotgun is so easy going, that neither him nor Red care if they are apart.

But I'm one to put the "screaming" horse is a safe place (such as a round pen, if its available) and take the other horse away. Let 'em scream their head off, and give themselves a workout. Or repeatedly bring the other horse back and take them away, over and over. He'll one day have to learn he won't die if he's left alone.

And vice versa. When the barn is quiet and you've got room to work, do ground work on taking him away from Selena and bringing him back (focusing on working him near Selena, and resting away from her). I'm all high on Clinton Anderson stuff right now since I just got done with his trailer loading DVD, but just do random lunging things, changing direction, keepingn his feet moving, and making him listen.

It just takes time, time, time to break the buddy sourness.

And he's very young. I suspect his focus will get better as he gets older. I know this may sound counterintuitive, but when was he first broke to ride and when did he get a break? I love putting 30 days on a late 2-year-old and then just turning them out to "be a horse" for the winter. When you bring them back in the spring as a 3-yr-old, they have so much more focus and seem to have matured some, and hardly forgot a thing you taught them. If Ruger has never had a break .... maybe one wouldn't hurt? Just an idea on the focus issue.

SorrelHorse 10-16-2012 05:25 PM

He's had a lot of be a horse time. He had thirty days, summer of trail rides (Maybe once or twice a month at MOST) then spent the winter down at the trainer's again, another 60 days put on him, then a summer left alone because I focused on Selena. He's had four months off, and just since around mid-september has he been back in work and he had been doing so well up until now.

I definitely do the CA groundwork. He knows it all extremely well. I normally do the roundpen work and lunging for respect before I get on, but lately he's been a very good "get on and go" horse. Had I of had the space, I would of done the groundwork with him.

Muppetgirl 10-16-2012 06:30 PM

I had a crap day too.....misery loves company! I was in tears when I drove in my driveway today.......I feel for ya:cry:

If I could pour you one right now, I would!

SorrelHorse 10-16-2012 07:49 PM

Oh man, we need it. Haha.

I think I am just going to avoid the subject until after the weekend and have someone pull Selena out and let her in the round pen to play. She's hurt anyway, I can't ride her, and I will be leaving thursday so I don't want to start a fight with him and not be able to finish it the next day, plus tomorrow I have to go work with Harvey and Carmen. I don't have the energy to chase the little brat around today.

Procrastination is fun....:/ I never thought I would do this, normally when a horse gets a problem I'm the first one to jump in and want to fix it. Not this time.

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