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barrelbeginner 10-19-2012 04:40 PM

Scariest/stupidest thing your horse has done/close calls?
I was sitting in my room just thinking about winter blankets and looking at different ones people had on their horses.. which got me thinking about my gelding Poncho..

When I had Poncho for about a year.. I got him his first winter blanket. I had 3 other horses at the time. a Percheron. which was in the same pen as him.. 4 12ft panels X 3 12ft panels.. and then a mare and foal in 24ftx24ft pen. I was walking with the blanket over my shoulder because I thought it was heavy lol.. then I notice the horses flipping out..

So I dropped the blanket but it was too late.

Poncho tried to jump.. yes jump.. the 6 foot panels but he didnt make it.. he leg ended up going through one of the openings in the panels.. you know how they look and all.. like round pen panels..

and he flipped over.. :shock:bending the panel in half :rofl: I thought that he would like land on his back breaking something, as this happened in like slow motion for me..

but nope.. He flipped completly over landing on his feet. walked over to the haybales.. and munched on them. I was terrified to walk over to him. I still thought he broke something. BUT HE DIDNT!:shock:

I told my dad and to fix it I had to stand on one side of the panel and my dad had to jump on the other side to bend it back:) hhaha

that was one of my CLOSE calls../dumb things Poncho did.. another one.. he jumped my barbedwire fence to get to the 'greener' grass.. nothing but some scraps on his back legs.. I swear this horse is trying to tell me he wants to jump lol..:lol:

now I want to hear your stories of close calls.. dumb things you didnt think your horse could/would do. anything like that of course...


Critter sitter 10-19-2012 04:57 PM

Well when we first got Grace she decided to roll in her Run and got a leg caught in one of the steal pannel things.. My daughter flipped out I told her to stay calm and grace would relax.. she did and then when she stood up we though she broke a leg.. it was not broke but she did have a pretty bad cut where she had kicked herself.

Horsnaround64 10-19-2012 05:09 PM

I have had many as I have owned horses for many years. But the one that comes to mind is a year ago when Jasper some how I have no idea how for his front foot caught in a tongue of the manure spreader. Mind you this was so stuck we had to take the rusty jack of it to get his foot out. He had not been worked with a ton and was kind of a spook. I was sure he would rear up and his foot would stay with the tongue. He stood there while we banged and wriggled the jack. He did wonderful. But could have easy ended his life. It was at that moment I knew he was going to make a great horse. And he was broke this summer and is amazing. Happy ending but made my heart stop when I found him with his foot stuck. The manure spreader has been placed in a safer spot .

Saranda 10-19-2012 06:13 PM

When Snickers was playing in a very icy, slippery field, started galloping, took a good buck and slipped, falling on his side, sliding for several meters and then staying there on the ground, lying flat and breathing heavily. The world froze for a moment there, when I ran to him, afraid that he's broken something. Luckily, he wasn't injured at all, but those seconds were among the scariest in my horse ownership.

annabana27 10-19-2012 06:16 PM

Mine freaked out over a bird coming out of no where so he took off tripped and fell to the floor. :( I was pretty positive i was going to find him hurt once i got to him but he made it through with just a scratch on his knee. THANK GOD!

Cowgirl140ty 10-19-2012 06:30 PM

We just had a pretty good one. My new mare set back when she was tied to the trailer (usually stands perfect, but apparently is very buddy sour) got her leg hung in the lead rope. She flipped upside down with her head under the trailer. And could get her leg back off the lead rope. So she couldnt get up. I just wrapped the reins around tys horn and let him go. Tried to undo the quick release. But when a 1000 lb horse falls on it, it was not happening. I was the the only one at the trailer. Called my friend who came running on his horse. We finally got the quick release undone and she just laid there! Finally got her up. Brought her home. Put 25 staples in her head. And her whole leg swelled. We finally put her back to work this week.
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Cowgirl140ty 10-19-2012 06:33 PM

And let me add, i tie my guys with only 1-1.5 feet of lead. But it stretched. And i still cant believe it stretched so much she could get her head under the trailer.
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blue eyed pony 10-19-2012 06:34 PM

Mine are both idiots. The older gelding's back end has slipped out from under me a few times, usually when he's being an idiot under saddle, and he's tripped and gone to his knees once. The 2yo TB went over the round pen fence, flipped herself over, I thought she'd broken her neck... she's fine now apart from an unrelated lameness. And she rears. Vertical. Got no interest in getting on her back until THAT stops!

equiniphile 10-19-2012 06:42 PM

Excel hates my vacuum--the only one of my seven that does, go figure, as he's the only one I have to show in the winter. Determined to solve this problem, I tied him to the barn gate (first mistake) and did some approach and retreat with the vacuum turned off. I then turned it on, put the hose up to him, and he set back and bent the gate outwards, breaking the metal clip off his halter in the process. He took off running towards the woods, prancing around like an idiot.

I don't vacuum him anymore....

Koolio 10-19-2012 09:09 PM

I had an OTTB mare that we purchased directly from the track. The second day we had her she ran straight into a 4 strand galvanized wire fence at a full gallop. The wire held, but it flipped her up in the air and right over the fence where she landed on her back. As I was watching, I though she was going to shatter her wither, crack her skull and die. As it turned out, she was fine. Later when I finally got to ride her, she easily proved that her skull was in fact rather thick...

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