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BarrelRacer23 10-20-2012 02:23 PM

Those Rare Finds
There's a gelding who my aunt picked up at an auction when he was around 19, was told he had done reining before. Papers were never given over, he kinda came from a horse trader at the auction so who knows. But she took him and rode him for about a year, ran him for fun at a barrel show once. Would've never guessed he wasn't a barrel horse. My mom bought him for my step sister last year, but though as broke as he is they didn't mesh well. He's broke to death but spooky and acts like he was abused at one point in life. My step sister was to timid and made him nervous. This year some new people came to the barn just getting into horses, Biscuit (the gelding) now 21 had been decided to sell. The new family had leased a pony but it wasn't going to work. My mom wasn't sure about Biscuit for them but decided to let the little girl who was 7 try him anyway as suggested by their friend. They clicked, even though she is a beginner she's confident which makes him better. They've had him for 4 months now. She's been doing barrels and poles on him. What's funny is watching him. He knows the barrels and poles, he does all the correct lead changes, uses his butt to turn. He even acts like he's done showmanship before. He has always neck reined incredibly well, my step sister only even walked and trotted the barrels. So it's interesting to see him cantering them, almost running 3D youth times with this little girl. And they keep getting better. Just an old horse bought cheap, I'm always wondering what all he did before my aunt picked him up at that auction. He's so broke and seems to know so much it's to bad we won't ever know. Anyone else know of a horse like this?
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haviris 10-21-2012 12:55 PM

I picked up a little gray mare a few months back, as a 'project', the owner said she was spooky, possibly herd bound, and just reallly green. Well she's now being ridden by my very beginner 8 year old nephew. He's a natural and really confident, and the two of them clicked straight off! She's snorty sometimes, but she's not overly spooky at all, we've been hauling her all over and she's not taken a wrong step yet! She's great in the arena, great on the trail, just all around a good horse! The only two issues I've found, she IS herd bound and she's ear shy, both of which we are working on.

I'm hoping if he stays interested and his mom will let him, I'll give her to him in the Spring, if not I'm sure after being rode all over by an 8 year old I should do pretty well when I sell her!

Sometimes you just get lucky!

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