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Reno Bay 10-20-2012 05:57 PM

Just gave Reno his first bath (with me, at least)
Well today I scooted over to the farm for the wine and cheese party, plus bathing the horses for a photoshoot. When I got there Pico (black bay Andy stallion) was in the wash stall and I helped get him all sudzed up. Then I babysat my BO's granddaughter while Pan and Quita ("white" stallion and "white bay" mare Andys respectively) were bathed. After they were popped back into their stalls with coolers I brought out my Reno for his very first bath with me.

He was a complete angel in the wash stall. At first he was a little fidgety and then he got treats and rubs and he stood still for the entire thing. My good boy. Though he was probably taught to stand still during his short career as a racer. After he had a cooler on and was in his stall I brushed out all the tangles in his mane and left him to his hay.

After everyone was dry we took them out individually for confo shots, and I was even able to get into some of Reno's shots just for some mom/baby bonding time (they made me put a carrot in my mouth for him to take...sort of scary). He was soooooo soft and fluffy...I would use his pelt as a blanket it was that awesome. Then we let everyone out into their fields to get some action shots (Calypso, bay Andy stallion, and Pan didn't want to run around). I had to chase Reno around his field to get him going, but he ended up actually having a blast. Quita, the overweight thing, didn't want to run. Pico was an absolute powerhouse cantering around his field.

I shall have lots of pictures once the photographer gets back to us. *excited*

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