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Ponies 10-20-2012 11:25 PM

Pedigree Crit?
I was just wondering what you guys thought of my geldings 'genes', since I dont have much clue when it comes to pedigrees.
He isnt online, but his parents are.

(dam) Ff Cowboys Last Shot Quarter Horse
(sire) Greatly Diversified Quarter Horse

Ponies 10-21-2012 04:16 AM

Oops. Just noticed I put this in conformation...

caljane 10-23-2012 07:42 PM

He is mostly "halter" bred, he probably is a very good looking, well muscled gelding? His dam is a mix of halter breeding and working cow horse breeding - not what is seen very often, but doesn't mean it's bad, maybe gives the naturally more heavy halter bred horses a bit more quickness. For you it's interesting to know that your gelding is most likely HYPP N/N since both Impressive lines are ending with N/N stallions on your horses pedigree. All together a pretty good pedigree with many great names in it.

Ponies 11-10-2012 07:36 PM

I just saw your reply, here's a picture of him.

Or two. Lol.
Would he do well in halter classes in a open level? Hes fantastic in showmanship (I myself have yet to show him, I'm new to showing in hand.)

smrobs 11-10-2012 07:55 PM

Actually, he's not very heavily halter bred at all. The top side of both sire and dam go back to Impressive, but he's got plenty of performance blood on the bottom sides to level that out. It's hard to say much about his confo just from those 2 pictures, but he looks like a really nice horse.

He's got good muscle but he's not a disgusting bulk like most halter bred horses. He looks like he's got really good angle in his hocks and pasterns, which is another thing that halter horses generally lack. Plus, his feet look like they're a good size; virtually no chance of having Navicular issues with him (which is another plague of the typical "halter" horse).

His head is perhaps not quite as refined as a halter horse but it's still a nice head, a blue collar head, a working man's head :wink::lol:.

IMHO, he's a perfect combination. Just enough halter blood to give him some mass with a healthy dose of performance blood to correct the conformation issues that halter blood carries.

As for his non-halter bloodlines, I adore his momma's bottom side with Doc O'Lena and Two Eyed Jack. Both of them were world champion performance horses that sired countless world champion quality performance horses.

His sire's bottom side is more canted toward the pleasure classes, but those lines were back in the day when you could also successfully ride your "pleasure" bred horse in performance classes like reining and cutting too.

I see no reason why he wouldn't do pretty well in local level halter classes. I know that I'm not a judge, but if I was, I would blue a horse like yours any day over other more typical "halter" horses.

Elana 11-10-2012 08:27 PM

Like this horse's pedigree top and bottom.

Bottom is performance (Two Eyed Jack, Doc Olena, Tanquery Gin) and a bit of halter though I really liked "An Obvious Cowboy"

Top is WP but good horses that could do more.. I really liked Te N Te and the Investor was no slouch...

I cannot tell a lot from the two photos of your horse.. but what I see I do like.

Ponies 11-10-2012 08:33 PM

I know these aren't good conformation photos. I need to get some though. We have a heavily halter bred horse at my barn so I was pretty confused, he looks nothing like her at all. Lol.

caljane 11-10-2012 08:58 PM

With three of his four grand-grand dads being halter horses I'd call it fairly heavy halter bred, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the offspring is bulky. A lot of the bulk comes with the HYPP, which your horse fortunately hasn't. I agree with smrobs about his conformation as far as it is visible on the pictures. Yet, since halter judges do like to see bulk, overly straight legs, small heads and ears and small hooves you may not be the winner in the show pen, but it would sure be fun to show him. You need to get him as fat as a pig, though ;-) Very pretty horse for what I see, but then I prefer the working horse types like your horse over bulked up halter horses.

smrobs 11-10-2012 09:24 PM

Caljane, I'll have to disagree about how heavily halter bred he is. He's not even 50% halter bred. Having a horse with halter points doesn't make them a "halter" horse. His maternal grandsire, Kerrville Cowboy, was only halter bred on his sire's side. Even his dam's side (El Bee Della) was skewed more toward racing blood. His grand dam on that side (Wyoming Gin) was completely performance bred.

Same thing with his sire's side. Diversified was a halter/pleasure horse, but his dam (Tes Tamara) was performance/pleasure/racing bred. The Invester was also shown and got points in halter but he was also racing/performance bred.

LOL, but that was back in the day when the horses shown in halter were still real horses that could do performance events too.

Anyway, not starting an argument, but by my definition of "halter horse", he's got a lot more performance blood in him than halter blood. :wink:

Elana 11-11-2012 08:11 AM


Originally Posted by smrobs (Post 1752843)
lol, but that was back in the day when the horses shown in halter were still real horses that could do performance events too.


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