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caseyandersen1 10-21-2012 10:47 PM

Looking for a Dressage working student position.
Hi guys! My name is Casey, I live in Los Angeles, and I have been riding Dressage, seriously, for 2 years now. I ride 5 times a week. I also just started doing some jumping. I rode when I was little but then stopped once I got a back injury from being thrown (fully healed now). I currently volunteer at a barn that helps people with special needs ride horses. We also have lessons for able bodied riders and very qualified instructors. Because I volunteer there 5 days a week, I get discounted lessons on those days too. I know a lot about horse care and barn work. I am also skilled in recognizing horse behavior. I love learning more skills and I feel I learn something new everyday I work. I am still learning so much about riding and horses and I would love to pursue a career in that field. I graduate high school in 2014. Please get back to me if you have a position. I am a very hard worker and love to learn. :-)

Strange 10-22-2012 02:31 AM

This probably should be posted over in the Horse Jobs (Horse Jobs) section of the forum.

Also, I suggest putting up a profile on Equestrian Jobs and Staff, Horses and Horseboxes/Trailers for Sale and Equestrian Dating as well.

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