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averylilly 10-22-2012 01:24 PM

Any way i can help his tail grow out?
I have a arab/saddlebred and his tail is so short.When i bought him it was in a tail bag.So when i moved him to the barn were i bored after he was settled i took his tail bag out and alot of his tail fell out when i took it off!He has a beautiful mane and forlock so i know it not from his genetics.So any thing that is not really pricey that will help his tail grow?

Fulford15 10-22-2012 01:39 PM

MTG works wonders I find... just make sure you wear disposable gloves when you apply it, it's one yucky smell that will stay on your hands for days lol!

windspeed 10-22-2012 01:52 PM

Hi Averylilly! The most important thing right now is to not pull out the hair that is growing back and to stimulate the hair follicles and increase blood circulation in the dock.
1) Carefully hand pick the tail, then hand comb, then use a stiffer natural fiber dandy brush or a good quality mane and tail brush to brush out, starting from the bottom and carefully working your way up. (No plastic brushes!!)
2) Gently massage the horse's dock by gripping the dock with both hands, then gently twisting as if you'd 'wring' a rag. The key here is to be GENTLE!! You are not looking to twist the vertebrae, only the soft tissue. Look at your horse's face to see if he/she is enjoying it. Be gentle enough to make sure that your horse enjoys this.

Another tip: Cut the very end of the horse's tail. Dry hair tips get tangled easily and rip out the hair. Apply some human leave in conditioner (best check out the 'ethnic' isle at your drugstore).

Good luck with your horse!

averylilly 10-22-2012 01:54 PM


MTG works wonders I find... just make sure you wear disposable gloves when you apply it, it's one yucky smell that will stay on your hands for days lol!

I use to use MTG on this horse i leases a long time ago and it smell nasty lol i think it smell like bacon Lol :wink:!But hey if it works!i think i am gonna give it a try

AQHSam 10-22-2012 02:44 PM

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When I showed my English Springer Spaniels in conformation, I swore by the Scalpmaster brush for grooming my dog's feathering. The ESS feathering can take a beating from the elements and excessive grooming for the ring.

In fact, most of the handlers used the same brush. The bristles are very thin and smooth without any ball tips and set in a flexible cushion pad. The pins will give when you come across small snarls and tangles, but can withstand the coarseness of the hair strand.

When I bought Sam, I bought a new scalpmaster for his mane and tail and I am very pleased with how it works on him. I do not have hair come off into the brush unless I am a dork and don't take my time.

If you clean the brush, do not let it sit long in bleach water or other harsh disenfectant. You don't want to compromise the cushion's flexibility (harsh lesson learned here).

Here is where I purchased mine. The seller provided quick response to shipping and I was happy with my overall experience.

Scalpmaster Brushes

I am a fan of Cowboy Magic and use it liberally a few times a week. I don't believe it is sold as a "hair growth" chemical, but I find it does wonders to strenghening Sam's tail and mane and also protecting it from the elements. I can feel it in the hair up to 5 days without rain. Since using it regularly, I have noticed his tail hair has less broken ends and fly aways and seems to be growing in both bulk and length.

Good luck!

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