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DrumRunner 10-22-2012 03:18 PM

Even good riders on good horses have accidents.
Well.. as the title says..Sorry in advance for the book.. Anyone on any horse can have or has had an accident..Which I did yesterday afternoon. I believe I'm a pretty good rider, not the best by any means, but I'm pretty darn good..I've ridden my whole life, I have good horses.. They usually give me no problem and I can't complain about any bad habits.. Until my little adventure yesterday, which came COMPLETELY out of the blue and unexpected..Now, most of the people on the forum know of my horse, Lark, I've had her just under a year now. She's one of my barrel horses but she's also my baby sitter that anyone can ride on trails or around the house..before I got Lark last November she had been cowboy'd, a bicycle chain bit and a lot of spur to make her work..I refuse to keep her in that..So for a year I've worked my butt off with her..Light bits, no spurs, and very light hands..She usually does fantastic. I ride her in a hack combo bit.. Now that you have a little back story I'll jump into yesterday's action adventure.

My sister, Holly, and I decided to load up and pull the horses over to a recently plowed up peanut field that had no debris and was all soft ground to breeze our horses..We have the first point show of the year this coming weekend, and it'd be good for the horses..I get on Nikki, warm her up, breeze her twice with trotting in between her runs, then take a long time to cool her down..Holly had breezed her gelding beside me while I breezed Nikki, we had a good time out of it, staying beside each other while we ran.. Well.. I go to tack up my "baby sitter" and she does fine warming up. Holly breezes Tucker once more beside Lark and I.. Lark starts out fine but then tries to veer over in front of Holly and I correct her and she does fine again.. I lope her a little then bring her down into a trot to cool off. I go to breeze her again while Holly is still cooling Tucker off (it was his second time)... Now, this is where it gets interesting..My baby sitter of a horse and I are loping pretty fast and I urge her into a gallop nicely (no kicking or anything, just let her have her head) We're probably 30 yards from the tree line beside the field (running parallel with the trees).. I can feel her starts to stiff up so I try to bring her back down and she starts veering again, I'm trying with every single muscle I can to stop her, not happening..No stopping what-so-ever..I try a one rein stop..Nope..She keeps trucking..Into trees and bushes. I'm getting smacked in the face with branches and when we come out of trees there's a clear spot before more trees..and a fence..Good, she'll stop at the fence..Nope..My baby sitter and barrel horse decides to turn into an eventing horse so she attempts to jump the fence and fails, instead of over the fence her front feet catch the fence and we take the 3 foot fence with barbed wire as the top strand OUT. I don't mean bend in down, I mean flatten it..Here's where I REALLY start to get scared..Where her front legs have caught the fence we crash on the other side, she goes into a small ditch head and chest first, pulls my reins from me and they go over her head, I see this happening and realize I don't have reins, I decide to bail before she tries to scrabmle up and run away with me..So as I'm going off to the left side and get one foot on the ground she's scrambling up and knocks me down with her chest.. by this time I am UNDER this heifer and she's me.. Just by instinct and years of riding, I know to fall and roll.. As I'm trying to roll out from under her I end up face down..One hind foot catches my back and the other catches the back of my head.. I can't breathe and I'm seeing stars and little birds (like the cartoons) soon as I can I jump up and start jogging down the road (yes road) that my horse is now hauling ass down.. I scream for my sister to run catch Lark.. about this time I see a truck top the hill..headed right for my horse, I panic and start running (I'm still a couple hundred yards from Lark.. The truck swerves to miss her and then she's over the hill, about this time Holly and Tucker burst through the trees (there was a driveway) and she takes off over the hill after Lark..The woman in the truck pulls up to me asking if I'm okay, I said yeah of course and she gives me a ride to Holly and my horse..By now my head wants to roll off of my shoulders and I hurt all over..I'm also making plans on how to kill my horse slowly.. Instead I get back on and work the HELL out of her once I realize she's fine..Fine, not one single scratch anywhere.. So, yeah..wonderful afternoon.. and I can definitely say that getting kicked in the head hurts much more on day 2.

Point of story..Even if you're a good rider, on a good horse, and you've been through the same situation before.. You can't know what's going to happen every single time, it's another case of. "If you own horses, there's not an IF you get hurt, it's when and how bad."

Side note : This is NOT a helmet debate.. Everyone has their opinions on helmets and I respect that. I have not, nor will I ever wear one and that's my decision..If we want to argue helmets there are other threads on that topic. Please, if you feel the need to argue that, make your way over there..

Drifting 10-22-2012 03:23 PM

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Scary, glad to hear you're both Ok.

DrumRunner 10-22-2012 04:22 PM

Me too, I was more worried about Lark than I was myself.

bigbayboy 10-22-2012 04:24 PM

Holy crap...I may never ride again :shock: Talk about terrifying....

franknbeans 10-22-2012 04:37 PM

Wow Drum....glad you are OK.......what is next for Lark? Just curious.......will you try this again ever? I ask since I had mine just start to act like an a$$ when I was out doing similar stuff with a friend.....mine got upset-balked, backed up into trees and bushes and started rearing. I managed to stop him and get him to go forward, but went home and worked his a$$ off too.......I am now trying to figure out what is next. We had done this a thousand times, alone......just not with this particular companion.
Feel better first tho!

DrumRunner 10-22-2012 04:48 PM

Yeah, I've thought about it and really I have no idea what triggered it. I had only breezed her a few times (different occasions) so maybe that had something to do with it? She's usually such a good horse, always willing and calm..I'm definitely not going to sell her or just end things with her because of it. I'll probably wait two weeks or so and try it again at slower speeds and not push her like I did the first breeze yesterday. Maybe she got it in her head because I kicked her a few times that the spurs and whip were going to come back after her? Who knows? We've got a barrel race this weekend and I'll let her coast the pattern there like I have been so we'll see what she does..

SorrelHorse 10-22-2012 05:14 PM

Jesus christ I am so glad you are both okay! That is scary as hell.

I agree with you on the title. I'm normally the one put on the young horses because I am a good rider and can handle any sort of baby horse fractious behavior, but we all know that it can go wrong at any moment.

Hell, even Selena has bad days. At the last race in the warmup pen she exploded while we were loping, ran into one of my friends, bucked, kicked, had me hanging on sideways, got her ass kicked and was then fine.

One of the last times I showed Jester, we did a lead change and he fell and rolled over on me. It was just a slip that we weren't ready for, it wasn't that either of us did something wrong. It had been raining, the roof was leaking, when we did the lead change he took a miss step into a wet part of the ground and he slipped and we got the bad side of things.

Really though....Good lord Lark...That's so scary. I'm glad you got back on her and fixed it. Maybe next time try and find a circle arena and do fast/slow transitions like a reiner. At my barn there is a half-circle arena (One end is circular, one end is square like an alley) so when you breeze in there the horse circles like a track instead of straight on. I find it's helped a lot, particularly with horses that take the bit and run like that.

kait18 10-22-2012 05:26 PM

**** drum hope you feel better soon!! if i was closer i would get u some cookies and milk and/or ice cream so you can eat up while watching a good movie. lol

not sure if u mentioned it but i would assume you did... did you go to the docs to make sure everything is ok in your head and back... would hate for there to be something painful to pop up down the road that could have been noticed immediately :/

hugs and feel better soon

tinyliny 10-22-2012 05:34 PM

Well, since the usual helmet comments are out, I lose half of the wind in my bag.

IN any case, I am so glad that you lucked out. I admire your pluck for getting back on, though if I had concked my head good and hard, I would not want to ride immediately. If you have suffered a mild concussion, then what would normally be very mild jostling of your head, becomes much more serious if the brain is already swelling as a result of a blow.

Critter sitter 10-22-2012 05:52 PM

OMG I am so glad you are OK.. and lark was unhurt
I think I would have go to get checked out if i saw stars like that.

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