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HollyBubbles 10-23-2012 04:11 AM

Mare dangerous when in heat
My mum has this new horse, a 14.3hh bay thoroughbred mare named DJ, she is 10 years old and was abandoned in a forest when she finished racing. Apparently she was beaten and had pawing chains on etc at this place, she was taken off the owner by the spca around 8 months ago and has scars everywhere... But the problem is, she was beaten into defiance, not submission, so it seems.

When we first got her, we had her on trial for 2 months and she was the sweetest thing in every way, apart from being a little difficult to pick out her front hooves(we think this is in relation to the pawing chains/shackles)
-It was winter at the time, so mares don't cycle... Yes??

Well, it is now spring and her behaviour is getting progressively worse, she has turned into a little tart when she comes into heat, peeing all over my gelding and rubbing her behind on him, spraying herself everywhere, and my gelding hates it, he's sick of her and so am I.
So I seperated them, and little miss houdini gets out and in with Mitchell. Every time.

Tonight I seperated them so I could ride Mitchell in peace and he was brilliant, so I untacked and left him tied up while I brought DJ in to swap them over. DJ was tied up, and I lead Mitch out to the grassy paddock, when DJ breaks off the fence and comes galloping over peeing and whatnot. So I put Mitch in the grass, and tie DJ up again... Twice. Both times she broke off, and on the 4th time back to the fence she decided she had had enough, and reared up full height and come crashing down on my foot (which I suspect is broken now :evil: it effing hurts.) She did this again and again, inching her way closer to me upper body, so I got her hooves moving, backwards, forwards, sideways whatever way I could get them moving, until she decided she didn't want to do that either, and just stood there taking every command i gave her, over her shoulder like i was dirt. She reared up again and went to strike out at me, so I stepped back still holding the line, and whacked her hard over the base of the neck with my rope. I hate hitting my horses, but in this instance it was my safety over hers. I eventually got her dealt to and behaving. So I let her go, in the paddock with NO grass whatsoever, though I think she may be in with mitch by the time i get up in the morning.

What do I do with her now? I have several options, each of which I am happy to look in to because there is no way in hell I am risking my mum getting hurt by this psycho mare.
-I can keep going with her, try out different grass, no grass, mare calmers whatever.
-I can send her off to my racehorse trainer neighbour to sort out
-We can sell her
-Or we can shoot her (last ditch effort btw)

But whatever we do, something needs to be done. She is not in pain, and up until she started coming into heat she was brilliant to work with in every way, to worm, to ride, to handle on the ground, whatever. But if you tell her off, she will just stare at you and proceed to get nasty, thats what I mean by she's been beaten into defiance. She looks at you and kind of seems to say "well then do your worst, I don't care":evil:

Tracer 10-23-2012 04:33 AM

It's experiences like this that makes me wary of mares. I hope you find a solution soon, she sounds like she is a danger to everyone the way she is now.

HollyBubbles 10-23-2012 04:40 AM


Originally Posted by Tracer (Post 1729126)
It's experiences like this that makes me wary of mares. I hope you find a solution soon, she sounds like she is a danger to everyone the way she is now.

Yes I'm not terribly fond of mares either, but my first horse was a mare and you could never tell that she was in heat, it was just another day.
Ugh, the pain in my foot is so bad my entire body is shaking, and my foot is slowly going purple and its really swollen... Might get it checked tomorrow if it doesnt get any better, not that they can do much exceot for drug me up anyways

Cowgirls Boots 10-23-2012 05:51 AM

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I would try mare magic (which is just bulk raspberry leaves)
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Saddlebag 10-23-2012 09:14 AM

How many days of the month does this go on. A boarder here was so hormonal driven the day she was in standing heat we just left her alone. The following day she was a totally different horse, her usual sweet self. She too selected a gelding and rubbed on him. He didn't like it and would bite her which of course made her worse. Fortunately it lasted only 24 hrs.

Muppetgirl 10-23-2012 09:15 AM

When she's in season like this.....just leave her be, stay away for her and wait until the storm passes.

A lot of these posts have been popping up on the forum recently (it's that time of year:lol:) and I have said the same thing each's not worth risking your skin dealing with a mare when she's like this, and it's such a short period of time that they are like this, I just recommend leaving her to it....if you can keep her separated from your gelding, that's great.....

I have had some very close encounters with mares like's kind of like women who are PMSing - Leave her alone until her hormones return to a more stable level........or get her on something to regulate them......

The fact that she used to be a racehorse has nothing to do with how she cycles and how she behaves during her cycles....all the other behaviours need to be dealt with according to how she is right now......not what may or may it have happened to her in the past

boots 10-23-2012 09:18 AM

I like mares. Have several. In with the geldings and have no problems. Yours, if related to her heat cycle, is an unfortunate extreme.

Would you consider having her spayed? Is she worth having that done?

I will admit to always being leery of the story of the abused horse that suddenly goes rogue. So often they are babied into spoiledness beyond belief. Or given terminal doses of sympathy.

So, was yours "taken off the owner?" Or, "abandoned in a forest at the end of her racing career?" and at what age was that?

Tarpan 10-23-2012 12:01 PM

There's depo shots too, but I don't know what the expense or side effects of those are. I'm very wary of mares too, for this reason, but I've known some awesomely sweet ones too so it's not right to stereotype!

Dreamcatcher Arabians 10-23-2012 12:09 PM

I'd try feeding raspberry leaves first, then if that doesn't work I'd try depo provera shots. I have had 1 mare in almost 50 years of breeding that needed to be 'chemically spayed' and that worked very well. We gave her the depo shots every 6 weeks for about a year and then she stopped coming into heat altogether. The depo stops it immediately and it eventually made this mare stop cycling.

eclipseranch 10-23-2012 12:37 PM


Originally Posted by Tracer (Post 1729126)
It's experiences like this that makes me wary of mares..

sorry but this made me giggle because I hear stuff all the time about "mare" really is the exception not the rule that mares are such B****es when in heat...most are just fine. kind of like humans, you know the type right?! ;)

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