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ambershorses 10-23-2012 11:11 AM

green broke mare
Ok I am back again with another question for my 3 year old green broke mare. I was having trouble with her bit from the time I got her so I had my vet come out and she pulled a wolf tooth and floated her teeth. now she is doing great with her bit!! so yesterday I started her back in the round pin and worked her for around a hour. she has not been rode for about a week because she was acting up with the bit and she got her teeth fixed on thursday and I rode her on monday. well this morning she was walking slow and acting slow at eating her hay is this normal for a horse to be a little sore after getting rode after a break??

loosie 10-23-2012 07:26 PM

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Firstly, an hour's work in a round pen is way too long, physically & mentally, especially for a youngster who's bones & joints aren't yet mature. I'd be sticking to short, slow sessions in a round pen or on lunge.

Yes, of course her mouth will indeed be sore for some time after having teeth pulled. It will take months to heal properly, not just a few days. As the wolf teeth are close to where the bit sits, I wouldn't be using a bit in her mouth for at least a month or 2 - & tentatively then..

Since she's only 3yo I wouldn't be doing too much on her back yet anyway, and she isn't likely to be very well trained yet, so you could spend the time teaching her what she needs to know on the ground & get her going well in a halter(I always do that before starting in a bit anyway), so that by the time you reintroduce a bit, she'll be in a better state to do well with it.

PunksTank 10-23-2012 07:30 PM

Love everything Loosie said (as usual) ^^ I just wanted to add, this is a young horse who's feeling pain in a bit - please wait until she can wear a bit without pain. The more pain she feels while carrying a bit the more she'll resent it. Do what Loosie said, ground work and halter work. You want the bit to be a clear communication tool, not a tool she associates with pain. :)

Welcome to the forum and we love pics here!!

ambershorses 10-23-2012 07:36 PM

I put 3 but she is 4 years old and going to be 5 in the spring. I was told by the vet that I could start riding her on that day. Also what is wrong with riding in the round pen thats what everyone says to do is ride a horse and work a horse in a round pen.
She is not fighting the bit like it is hurting her ( i rode her today)

PunksTank 10-23-2012 07:47 PM

The problem with riding in a round pen for extensive periods of time or with young horses is that there is no straight lines, so it's added stress on their inside joints. It's no problem for light work or on adult horses.

As for her being an adult or not, if she's green she could use ground work and halter work, regardless of her age.
I guess it's not so much her age but her fitness level that effects how tired or sore she'll be. If she's had time off or just hasn't had that much work, you can't expect her to just be able to get up and go like a fit horse.

I still agree with Loosie about the length of time before bitting a horse who just had teeth pulled, and about doing ground and halter work with the horse.

But your questions was is it normal for a horse like yours to be tired, it's typical that a horse who isn't used to being ridden so much who just had teeth pulled to be tired/sore. It won't hurt to practice some other skills while you wait for her to feel better. Also slower, more steady work will help build her fitness for when you can work on the more intense work. :)

loosie 10-23-2012 08:28 PM

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Originally Posted by ambershorses (Post 1730175)
I put 3 but she is 4 years old and going to be 5 in the spring.

That's good, as a horse's spine doesn't fully 'close' until around 5-6yo so I don't like to do much ridden work before that. If you're light & doing light riding, I don't think it will be particularly problematic at her age. **Bareback riding is good even if the saddle fits well, and be conscious that the saddle should be checked for fit & adjusted/exchanged frequently on a growing horse.


I was told by the vet that I could start riding her on that day.
Yeah, by all means ride her, but I wouldn't use a bit. Perhaps the vet reckons the bit will sit far enough away from the injured area where the teeth were pulled, but there is likely to be generalised pain & maybe inflammation in that area, and you've noticed she was sore, so I'd take her word for it over his.:wink:


Also what is wrong with riding in the round pen thats what everyone says to do is ride a horse and work a horse in a round pen.
Oh riding in it? When I picture a roundpen I picture a smallish enclosure that people lunge their horse in. If you're riding in it for an hour, I presume it's a super-sized one - more like a small arena? If that's the case, not much wrong with that, aside from riding/training a greenbroke horse for a whole hour - short, fun sessions are better IMO - and the potential for boredom. If it is a regular size pen, nothing wrong with walking & a bit of slow trotting, but as Punks said, it's physically not good for them to do too much/hard on circles.

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