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PaintMeAnOvero 10-23-2012 12:25 PM

Great progress with my filly...and may have found a trainer
A month or so ago I had posted a thread about looking for a trainer for my filly next spring (she will be 3), and how I was a bit discouraged. Well, I have trainer that comes out once a week to give me lessons on my paint. We have worked on transitions and slowing down her trot(which I can now sit) as well as correcting Sunnys little "quirks". She has done an excellent job with us. This trainer is a jumper/cc rider, whom I come to find out had broken out the horse that she travels with to compete. While I have no desire to jump a horse or run cc, the basics are still the same. So, come spring, I have myself the trainer I want to work with me & Babydoll. WooHoo.

On a side note, I have been working with Babydoll myself, and I am very happy to say that all the times I have put a saddle on her and let her stand tied or just run around with it on has helped greatly. I had a saddle and lead rope on her a few days ago, and one of my daughters (she's 15) got on her and sat while I lead roped her around for an hour or so. Babydoll didn't even flinch when she got on. It's almost like she has been waiting for it. Very happy about that. Now, I will leave her be til the spring :)

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