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maz78 10-23-2012 06:57 PM

Monte's first outing
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Can not believe my boys great behaviour this weekend. I have only had monte close to 4 months and got him pretty much off the track. So this weekend we headed of to a fundraiser for the riding disabled up near echuca (5 hrs float trip)
When we arrived monte came off the float, settled into his yard no probs. Saddles up later that evening just to see how he was going to go and he was excited but just a lot of prancing no real dramas.

I woke up around 5.30am saturday morning to the sound of lots of comotion, got up to check it out and about 15 horses (one set of the electic yards) were all out, mine among them off course. Luckily he just let me catch him and not a mark on him remarkable for a thoroughbred.

We headed out with over 60 other horses for our first 20 km trail ride, i think we could have gone and done a high level dressage test as we were side passing, prancing on the spot ect, everyone telling me how stunning he was, he didn't feel it lol. But that was the worst he got , he amazed me, he even got left out in front as we were riding in the middle group when someone fell off and we ended in front with the front group out of sight. He got really jig joggy and i decided to let him trot and catch them rather than fight with him, soon as i put him in trot and settled and just trotted at the pace i wanted till we caught up.
Our lunch spot was along a little billabong and all the horses were tied up to whatever tree you could find, I was really worried about this, but no monte stayed relaxed and didnt move the whole time!!!

He only started his side passing, prancy dancy stuff as we were coming in the gate from home, we went through water crossing, logs, under branches and i couldn't have asked more of him.

Sundays ride was only 10km as we were all heading home, it was a slightly smaller group but was a more energy charged ride, the horses were really excited and monte walked out lol no carry on. We had a few moments out when i had to grab hold of my monkey grip when he was so excited he felt like he was going to buck but it ended in just some bounding up and down on the spot.

Sorry for the essay but i am just so proud of my boy, cant believe this was his first outing since he raced back in may, he was a find and a half. Cant believe he was in such poor condition when i got him, how someone can do it to any horse let alone one with such a big heart..

A fantastic event though, was run like clockwork which was amazing considering all horses and people. There was entertainment every night, as well as horse demonstrations, the food was great and what a great bunch of people. I think we will be returning next year, and best of all it was for a great cause :-)

Heres some pics of my champ

alexis rose 10-23-2012 07:12 PM

What a great story and pictures! He is sure handsome! I know the feeling of having a great ride. I had a few bad ones on my boy but the good definitely make up for the bad ones. :)

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