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horsey*kisses 08-30-2008 10:33 PM

i didnt know where to put this so i decided here because it seemed logical lol
ok today i went and rode my horse i just got off him in fact and my cousins noticed something, like he was limping in the back, so i got off and my cousin got him to trot around and i kind of noticed it too, he was reaching really far with his back legs and picking them up kind of slow, and he usually never does that, hes always smooth in the back but he doesnt reach that far, was he in an extended trot in the back but normal in the front? is that even possible? or is it a possibility that his back could be out? he wsnt acting like he was in pain, he seemed a little not with it but i hadnt ridden him in two days so i kind of expected that,
his feet are long and i need to get the trimmer out ill call him tomorrow but that baffles me how he was doing that, he's never done that before,
its really....weird, any suggestions would be nice, i know its kind of hard to determine what it could be over the internet and without seeing it but any attempt would be greatly apprieciated
thanks guys

TheVelveteenPony 08-30-2008 11:46 PM

The best advice we can give without seeing it is if it's not better by tomorrow, call the vet.

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