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BossHoss 10-24-2012 03:22 PM

$4 SALE - Toony Forum Icons
I realized I don't have a lot of examples for this particular customer base. ( I have a bunch of fantasy artwork and stuff, but not as many horses as I would like!!)
Another post by me with some examples:

So, I'm having a sale!
$4 gets you a 100x100 (icon-sized) image and a larger 700x700 .PNG version of the file.
I have the most fun drawing toony horses. :) I excel at silly, over-exaggerated expressions. I can do almost anything you want, but please keep it toony. (Not knocking on realism, but this is just a personal preference. <3)

I accept paypal only!
If you're interested, I will need a reference photo of the critter you want draw. (I can also draw cats/dogs/etc. So feel free to ask~), an expression or an emotion you want portrayed, and an email address to send the paypal invoice to. :D

Artwork will not be started until payment has cleared*

Thanks, all!!
I look forward to doing up something nice for you soon.

(Er. If there's a mod available to assist, I think I may have put this in the wrong section of the art forum. @_@ Sorry about that. )

Poco1220 10-30-2012 06:19 PM

Could you do it with more than one horse in it?

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