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juliemom26 10-24-2012 09:55 PM

What are the chances she's pregnant?
We are a year in to horse ownership, so I guess we are still relatively new at this. We have come a long way though since we got our paint Sophie and our quarter horse Charlie. My daughter showed Charlie this past year quite a bit and Sophie is my trail horse.

About 6 months ago we told our 4h advisor/riding lesson giver/friend to keep her eyes out for a really laid back pony that would be good for our 6 year olds to ride. She helped us find the two horses we have now and we couldn't be more thrilled with them. Our advisor works closely with a gal that does rescue horses. She doesnt really take horses that have been abused, pretty much just ones that need re-homed. Anyways, she got a pony 3 weeks ago that seemed to be very good natured and she told our advisor about her and our advisor thought about us. Our advisor wanted to be sure that the pony was going to be a good fit so they have keep her for the last 3 weeks to check her out. Her and all her kids have done everything they know to learn what makes the pony tick and what her capabilities/downfalls are. It tuns out she is a great little gal and we brought her home tonight (yeah us!).

Ok, so here is my question, what are the chances she could be pregnant. She is 16 and has spent the last few years being a brood mare. She had a foal at her side until she was moved to our advisor's house (3 weeks ago). The foal was "5 or 6 months.". My advisor wanted to be sure I knew before we brought her home that anything is possible with a rescue horse and there is no way to know their entire history. She said it is possible that she was exposed to a stallion in the field since the birth of the foal (especially since we know her last job was a brood mare). She does look pretty pot bellied, but that could be just how she is built. What do you think?

Thanks! Julie

themacpack 10-24-2012 09:59 PM

When in doubt, have the vet palp the horse - then you know for sure one way or another and can proceed accordingly.

WSArabians 10-24-2012 11:47 PM

No way to know unless you contact the previous owner (highly unlikely) or have the vet palpate her.

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