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SunnyMeadeFarm 10-26-2012 09:48 PM

Trail Boot for a Mini!
Hello! I have a question about getting a trail boot for my mini mare who is currently training to drive, she won't be showing, just doing short trail rides.

I think I would really like to get her a trail boot / easy boot instead of shoe her. She has "soft feet" It seems the simplest slip or hop while rough housing with her pasture buddy will cause her to limp, or be sore in some way. I think if I had a easy boot on hand, she would be happier because it would help her recover.
So my question to you guys are;

1. I have heard people will only get boots for the front feet, and that seems to be the place she is always the sorest. Is that what is recommended/good idea, it won't cause an uneven issue between from and back legs? same with the using same a single boot on an sore hoof?

2. Do they come in mini sizes? I assume so but just being sure.

Thanks in advance!

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