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Kiara 10-28-2012 04:12 PM

Did I get it right or should I switch?
I had my two horses on a steady diet until the feed store ran out of the feed when I came to buy, so I switched it up and now am wondering if I should stick by the new regime or not.

For my young TB, she gets DuMor Equistages and does well on it. her coat is shiny and she is happy, though her feet are brittle. Maybe just my imagination, but when she was on Prime they seemed less brittle. We did change places though and the pastures are quite different as well.

My older horse gets Producer's Pride and Equine Senior. Prior he has been on Prime and Equine Senior. I dislike the Producer's Pride, as his coat isn't as shiny and it doesn't seem to keep his weight the way Prime did. I am definitely switching him off that. The reason I put him on Producer's versus the Equistages my younger one is on is that he has been on a 12% (for his non-senior feed) for a while and has had no colic issues with it. Though seeing how my younger one is taking to the Dumor I am thinking about switching him to it.

Now, I was comparing feeds to really see which one has what. Even though I like the Dumor so far, I did see it is missing some things that Prime and/or Safechoice have, like Threonine and Methionine. It also seems lower on certain ingredients than those two.

Both are on 24/7 grass turnout and get about 2 flakes coastal hay a day as well (amount depends on weather, on colder days I throw in more).

So question is, should I stick with the Dumor Equistages (and for the older one I am trying switching to Dumor Senior, but again, some things are lower in it, or stick with Purina) or is Safechoice or Prime a better option? Would either be better for helping with brittle feet?

Thank you for reading.

Casey02 10-30-2012 09:11 PM

I was just reading another thread and it was talking about how people dislike the dumor AND producers pride. I myself have seen wonders happen with purina senior feed and have become a big fan of it.

Skyseternalangel 10-30-2012 09:40 PM

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Don't be afraid to supplement. Or better yet, test the pasture and hay to see what your horse is missing in their diet

Kiara 11-03-2012 09:22 AM

Thank you both for your input. Casey, I agree with the not liking producers pride. Dumor has been ok, but I think I might go back to Purina. It just has more in their feed.

Sky, how/where do you test the grass & hay?

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