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LostDragonflyWings 11-03-2012 01:39 AM

Another 3 yr old critique! New OTTB.
I posted for a critque a few months ago for another 3 yr old, but here is my new guy (also just 3 yrs old!). He's been off the track a little over a month now, and this is about his 12th or so ride off the track.

First videos are from our first ride together (I believe his 3rd ride off the track), where I wasn't asking much of him at all. Do not critque the first videos, other than to use them in comparison to the new ones.

These are the new videos from today. Also, this is his 2nd time going over two trot poles in a row (spacing might have needed adjusted). We have been working on bending, etc. and trotting, before we go back to the canter, as he was just falling into it and had issues with his leads.

Other than my leg being a tad forward (saddle issue), critique on horse and rider are welcome! He is going to be my new eventer.

MyBoyPuck 11-03-2012 09:16 PM

Well you definitely speak Thoroughbred. Nice quiet aids, providing nice consistent rhythm for him and he is receiving it very nicely. He looks like a keeper. Love how your introducing things to him in small increments he can wrap his mind around. I look forward to seeing more from him.

CLaPorte432 11-03-2012 09:24 PM

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You are doing a fantastic job with him. He definitely looks like a keeper horse. :-)
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LostDragonflyWings 11-04-2012 03:32 AM


Yes, we are taking things slowly. He's still very young, so no need to rush things (plenty of time!). I want to get his trot and canter going nicely before we even consider doing anything over fences, and due to his age (will be 4 yrs in mid-Feb.), I don't want to rush starting him over fences anyways, so when we do start we will be sticking to tiny jumps every once in a while for a while. :)

He has no problem with the trot poles though, and doesn't even seem to care that they are there, which I am very pleased about! We might have the opportunity to trailer out next month, just for him to get to look around at the grounds he will eventually be showing on. Although clinics will be available, he will just be going for the experience of being away from home and I won't be asking him to do anything (other than relax, be brave, and have fun).

I will definately keep the videos coming as he progresses in his training. I am already so thrilled with his progress!

DoubleS 11-04-2012 10:37 AM

No crit, but you're doing a really good job with him, it looks like! He definitely looks more relaxed in the second set of videos! He's a cutie! :)
I'm really looking into OTTB adoption right now. I'm going to be 16 in a couple months and its something I've always wanted to do! Did you get him through a program, like CANTER or something?
(Maybe this isn't the thread for this, sorry if it isn't!)

LostDragonflyWings 11-06-2012 01:35 AM

While I did browse CANTER when I started looking for a new horse, I got this guy from a fellow boarder who does OTTB rescue. :)

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mbaron5731 11-15-2012 11:21 PM

Very plesant to watch!
You got a feel for thoroughbreds.
12 rides off the track.
Very impressive ;)
Would LOVE to see more!

tinyliny 11-16-2012 01:46 AM

Add me to the ones saying that you ride beautifully and are well suited to your horse, and vice versa. I would be thrilled to ride as well as you do! Cheers.

Mariss 11-16-2012 01:53 AM

He looks great! The main thing I noticed in the first video that you improved in the last ones, was his trot. I thought in the first one it looked like he was picking the pace and you were simply keeping up with him. In the last two, it looked a little more like you were telling him what pace to keep.

LostDragonflyWings 11-16-2012 02:35 AM

Yes, the first videos are from our first ride and I wasn't asking anything of him. It was basically my pre-purchase ride. ;)

He has been doing super well at the trot, in terms of focusing, keeping the same rhythm, working on moving forward a little, etc. He is on/off about his bending, but does well a lot of the time! Due to his good progress, I thought he would be ready to work on the canter. The last time I cantered him was a while ago and he had issues getting his left lead (right was perfect). Earlier this week we tried cantering again, but it didn't go very well. We were in the larger arena (shown in the second set of videos) and he picked up the right lead the first try and did great... not rushing too bad and was behaving well! Then we tried the left lead and he didn't get it. We tried a few more times and then he FINALLY got it. He did well for about half a lap around the arena, then took off at a GALLOP and well... we had issues stopping. Half way through, I lost my left stirrup, but I managed not to fly off of him and we finally stopped. Needless to say, he's not ready to canter in the larger arena! So, tomorrow we will work back in the smaller arena.... canter and canter to the right, then try the left. Hopefully he will do better, but if not... at least he will have less space to run and I will be better prepared!

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