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Horsesdontlie 11-05-2012 12:33 AM

To those experienced with Working Student positions
Hey everyone, its been a while since I have done anything one here, but I have some questions I can't seem to find the answers for anywhere. This isn't in the jobs thread because this isn't a classified, its just questions.

The sad fact is that I am getting out of horses. Jake is going to leave in a december to be put up to pasture at my fathers for his retirement. He will happily outlive his days there. I am currently working and going to school full-time with a 2 hour commute to school 3 days a week.

So in short, right now, my life sucks. I leave for work/school when its dark and typically when I get home its dark. So fitting riding into my schedule is a little nonexistant. I haven't done any more than sit on Jake and have him walk/trot around a little for his exercise then put him back.

I thought I would be okay for this whole "maybe I won't be able to ride for a few years until I'm out of college, but it'll be okay." Well I figured out I wouldn't be okay when I sobbed my heart out about finding a small trail I could go on with Jake next to the stables and it really brought back his full (rather crazy) personality that I hadn't seen in a while. (I thought the only trails around were hills, which Jake can't do...but I found a flat only one)

So I have been thinking about over my summer breaks (which I get about 3.5-4 months) I want to look for summer working student positions. But I'm not to sure what that entitles, what to look for, what to avoid, what I will need, and how to present myself for applications. Any advice?

I know that I am a confident rider, but I don't have much quality show experience in any discipline. I have had a lot of experience as a casual western rider, did quite a bit of gymkhanas and a few rodeos. Then switched about two years ago over to english, with an emphasis in the hunter/jumper area. No show experience for english. I'm not a timid rider for english either, but my skills do need a lot of work. On top of that I am getting rusty, like I said I haven't really rode in about 6 months, and I've lost most of my riding muscle.

I have experience handling multiple different types of horses and of different ages and levels of training. But I have little experience with very young and very green, then also some experience with problem horses. I have had a lot of experience tuning up horses for people.

I don't really care where I would go as long as it is in the United States, and I'm not too picky on discipline. I would love to do 3-day, but would look at anything thats hunter/jumper, dressage, reining, cutting, or working cattle. I want to ride but am willing to do the grunt work. I would also need accommodations, and a small stipend or time off farm for a job for food/gas.

I also plan on doing a year or more after I graduate in 2015, and would like a position now that could be a starter stepping stone for later on. If I decide I like that type of work.

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