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ModernThreat101 11-05-2012 10:05 AM

FOR SALE - 7yr Tennessee Walking Horse Mare - Northeast US
15h Chestnut roan with flaxen mane and tail Tenn. Walking horse mare; amazingly beautiful head - elegant like an Arabian; big defined blaze with matching socks on right side; silver hairs sprinkle her coat evenly and she changes colors in the sunlight! Gotta love those roan animals! 7 years old - that perfect age where she's old enough to behave, but young enough to do everything you ask with youthful guile!

Mare with TONS of personality; great ground manners - such a Southern Belle; leads fantastic; loads easy; easy to catch; nice n' easy walk; peppy rack; thrilling canter and gallop; knows how to side-pass; backs on loose-reign; light on the mouth and very responsive ride, overall; not a beginner horse, but does take care of you in the saddle; western saddle-trained; has been ridden bareback (in the ring only, not on trails); used exclusively as trail-horse; BAREFOOT BEAUTY; a bit on the short side for her breed - not recommended for breeding; COMES WITH BRIDLE ONLY [leather with 5" snaffle bit)

I bought her when I had the financial ability to own a horse. Unfortunately, I had gotten laid-off due to the place closing and now have fallen behind on her boarding fees. That isn't fair to the farm, or to this beautiful creature. She deserves a person who has the fiscal responsibility and stability in life to properly care for her like every horse should be cared for. I cannot be responsible for her and that just isn't fair to the animal. If anyone can give her a loving home, that is all I ask.

I'm asking for the best offer anyone can give; honestly, enough to pay off her boarding fees would be prime. I don't have a trailer so you'd have to pick her up yourself, which will cut her sale price further. I'm asking for half of her original sale price, or best offer. Private message me here or send me an e-mail at if you're interested. I just really just want her to find a home where someone can be better to her financial needs as a pet and loving companion animal. The horse is currently located in Stephentown, NY.

I thank you in advance for your interest.

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