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Nickers2002 11-06-2012 10:06 AM

Designing barn/farm
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Ok, so we have inspections coming up on the farm and are supposed to close in a little over a month. I will be building my own stalls in the barn and in the spring am going to be adding a couple fields.

I need an economical *cheap* way to build stalls first. I was thinking of corral panels with plywood on the bottom 4' and mesh on the top 2' as dividing walls. Fronts would be the same with a swing gate. What do you think of that? Also will be putting mats down in the stalls. The footing right now is stone dust so it does have good drainage. Should I put supporting posts in the front corners of the stalls or will the panels locking into each other offer enough support? My guys are very good in their stalls.


Oh - stalls will be put on the taller side of the building - enclosed feed room/aisle space I'm hoping to have on the other side. I need to get measurements but would ideally like 4-5 stalls.

Back of building:

Nickers2002 11-06-2012 10:08 AM

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Oh and they would be out more often than in. There is a huge run in on the property. Stalls would be for very bad weather/farrier/vet/tacking up mostly.

Here's the run in:

bmahosky13 11-09-2012 08:54 AM

If there is electric in the building, please have a certified electrician come out and inspection everything. We lost our barn due to bad electrical. Even if it is a little expensive to fix do it. It is better then losing all your animals in an electrical fire.

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