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beau159 11-06-2012 10:19 AM

Can someone give me a quick description of each English event?
I'm just looking for the main differences between each English event.

For example, what's the main difference between Dressage and Hunt Seat Equi?

Or the main difference between Hunter Under Saddle (is this the one where you have a few jumps?) and "regular" show Jumping?

I'm a Western rider but I am going to be taking some English lessons over the winter months. Just wanted to try to educate myself a bit before then!

petitepyromaniac 11-06-2012 03:07 PM

Dressage- All done on the flat, in a rectangular arena. The "patterns", which are called "tests", stay the same for four years, so you go to a show knowing exactly what you need to do, and you'll be judged based on how well you do it. There are letters placed around the arena, and you're supposed to ride very accurately, so that each transition is done right next to the letter. Both you and the horse are judged, but I would say most of the attention is on the horse.

Jumpers- You get to the show, where you will be told the course (jumping pattern). The jumps are usually brightly colored. The goal is to jump the course as fast as you can (while remaining safe of course), and the fasted horse/rider wins. Judging isn't subjective, it's just based on time. Clothing/tack isn't as strict as...

Hunter over fences- You get to the show, where you will be told the course (jumping pattern). The jumps are a little more natural looking. Your horse is being judged on how well he jumps. You don't need to worry about time, just jumping well. Tack/clothing is more conservative and traditional.

Equitation over fences- Same as Hunters, but YOU'RE being judged on your jumping ability, not the horse.

Eventing- 3 phases. Dressage, jumping, and cross country. Cross country you are out in the open (not in an arena), jumping solid "natural" obsticals (including water jumps), and you have to fit in to a time limit, so you're doing it fairly fast. Sounds scary, but they have lower levels to get you started and they're fun. The jumping phase is more like show jumping, which I believe is closest to jumpers, but someone else may have to clear that up a bit, because I'm not sure.

I hope this helps! To other Horse Forum members, feel free to add to this/edit it if you need to.

Live2Ride15 11-06-2012 03:15 PM

Sounds good! Ill add a little to jumpers.

In jumpers along with the time you also get faults for knocking poles down or refusing and the faults are added to the time at the end.

its is only a little and does not really help in describing the sport but it is useful when you start doing it :D:D:D:D:D:D

beau159 11-06-2012 03:32 PM


Is Hunt Seat Equitation the same as Equitation over fences?

petitepyromaniac 11-06-2012 03:46 PM

The flat classes I get confused a bit. This is how I understand it:

Hunter under saddle (on the flat)- You and your competitors go around the ring at the same time, with someone calling out commands. "Trot", everyone picks up the trot... judge watches for a while... "canter", everyone canters, etc. You all go the same direction, and they tell you when to change directions. In this class your horse is being judged on how well he moves (based on the hunter-type) and how well he responds to his rider.

Hunt seat Equitation- Same as hunter under saddle (flat class), but instead of the horse, the rider is being judged on how well he/she rides. So your position and the affectiveness of your aids are being judged, among other things.

Again, you might want to double check that. This is just how I understand it, but I'm mostly experienced with Dressage :)

Live2Ride15 11-06-2012 04:31 PM

Sound right!! I used to show hunter and all sounds good.
I never really like hunt seat Equitation cause i could never get the sitting trot until lately

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