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Cintillate 11-07-2012 04:09 AM

What Age Start Barrel Racing and How Often
Few more questions popped in head. What age can horse start barrel racing in races and how often do people race their barrel horses in a year (races not practices) or how many races do pros join a year. When do barrel race horses usually retire?

BarrelRacer23 11-07-2012 08:46 AM

Your going to get alot of different answers to this. There is no age limit on entering a horse into competition. Alot of people start their horses on barrels at 3, then enter them at 4 to keep them futurity eligible. Not everyone starts them that young. But around me it's common to haul 3 years olds to do exhibitions (time onlys) until their 4 year old year to actually start entering the classes. You can go to as many races a year as you please. Some people race all year round, going almost every weekend. Alot of people lay off for the winter, and some people might only go to a few a year. Professionals, it's their job I assume they would be competing as much as they can year round. As for when they usually retire, anytime. Depends on how sound they stay through the years. Alot of horses are still running into their 20s and doing well. It all just really depends on the individual with barrel racing.
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BarrelRacingLvr 11-07-2012 10:53 AM

That really depends....if your into futurities your going to start earlier, and depends if it is 4 or 5 yr old futurities. 4 yr old futurities they are usually started as 2yr olds sometimes 3yr olds to get them hauled, exhibitioned and ready for their 4yr old futurities. 5yr old futurities are usually started as 3 yr olds and are hauled and exhibitioned and prepped for the 5th year.

A horse can start racing at ANY point in their life...

We start our horses spring of their 3yr old year, get them good and broke then start them on the pattern as 4yr olds. But don't start entering them till they are 5.

How often we race completely depends on the show season we have and what you want to enter. Some people go to A LOAD of races while others go to a few here and there. The pros are hauling non stop all that says how many they are hauling to.

That to depends on the person....if you run hard you better take care of the horse and maintain them. Keep them up on joint supps to help their joints stay healthy while competing. You just have to be smart and know your horse. Some horses will retire earlier then others, or will get arthritis earlier then others. It just depends on the maintenance, how hard you haul, and the horse. A lot of high caliber horses that run hard with correct care run while they are in their 20s.

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