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KANSAS_TWISTER 09-03-2008 05:07 AM

farm proofing for a autisitic visiter
we lost our dear friend last night, his son and family will be flying in for the funral some time next week, we have opened are doors for them to get away from every thing if needed, which they have taken us up on the past.

they have a 13 year old auisitic daughter who has been at our farm in the past, but thing's have changed since then, we now have electric fencing in area's we didn't have before....i'd like to put strips of rag's on the fence lines but am afraid that it will destract her and encourage her to touch it....we have cow's next door which means more electric fencing...ugh.....

in our back yard (it's not fenced in yet) we have charlies and jacob's swing set and toy's and sarah's 14 ft tramplolin, my husband is a great guy...but when it comes to uummm doing the honny do list...well we wont go there...thus leaving a big hole where the septic tanks lid is (empitied if out 4 months ago and hasn't coverd it up....yet) i'll be taking my 55 gal drum and flipping it over in the hole and covering it up so we don't have to do all that digging again.

in the hay room/ tack room all meds and oils and acv and stuff like that will be placed out of reach (we don't let charle around the barn nor horses) so that's some thing we don't normaly worry about....the barn right now has 2 stalls with the deviding wall down so they can use it as a run through.....all gates to that and the big pen will be locked.....

i'm just worried that i'm forgetting some thing....any ideas???

Kirsti Arndt 09-03-2008 09:21 AM

id say just keep a very close eye on the child-you cant take away every danger on a farm=very nice of you to open your home-I am sorry for your and their loss.

Dumas'_Grrrl 09-03-2008 09:55 AM

WIthout knowing your place, its kinda hard to tell if you have forgotten anything...I'll be right up! :lol:

Um, sounds like to me you have the basics covered. Don't forget to check the bathrooms inside too...meds, cleaners, curling irons & such.

I would hesitate on flagging the may attract the attention. Is it possible to turn the fence off when she is outside? My daughter has an autistic boy in her class (12yo) He's pretty good about understanding "danger". Maybe just take her around and let her know the fences will hurt and that it's important she doesn't touch them. Which may or may not help I know, but at least the fence won't kill her...she'll flip out.. but she won't be seriously hurt. I'd really make the entire barn off limits...shut it all down if you can.

I've said it before but Gill you are one helluva woman...You take such good care of your friends and family. I'm sure you'll do fine.

Edited to add- What about chemicals? Weed Killler and such....if those are outside they need put up too.

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