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FutureVetGirl 09-03-2008 05:26 AM

Trot and Canter Help
I normally post to the trot, and I can sit to it for a couple strides with bouncing out of control... but I'm horrid at both... and even worse when I get into two-point. I think one of the biggest things is that the horse I rode yesterday (I've ridden him before) has a VERY bumpy gait. Also... I think that yesterday the stirrups were a bit short... so that might have been the reason.

Any tips for improving my trot?

Also... it's been four or five years since my last canter... so I'm unsure as to how to go about it... I'm not planning to canter until I have the trot down... so don't worry... but... how DO I go about it?

Kirsti Arndt 09-03-2008 09:07 AM

people here always say work on stirrup-less-trotting. I am working on that and it has helped me, it improves the muscle tone in the legs and helps with posture. I can now sit any trot well and am better day by day with rising trot-We are also working on the canter-will let the pros here help with that!!!!

FutureVetGirl 09-03-2008 10:28 AM


I'll probably do a lot more without stirrups soon. The horse I rode yesterday had the most BUMPY trot I have EVER ridden. But the horse I rode today (and that I'm going to be riding) was an excellent mount, and though he's very barny :roll: , his gaits are... for the most part... smooth.

I was able to post a bit better... sitting was somewhat better... and I was able to do a little bit of two point... *groan*... and now my calves hurt SO bad... :P

Kirsti Arndt 09-03-2008 11:34 AM

glad it was a better ride for you and i hear you!!!! my legs never hurt no matter how much i rode UNTIL i started riding correctly ohhhhhahhhhchyyyyy-inner thighs and calves both. Now my arms and elbows are hurting as sonny is so strong. My friend did a video for me last weekend-no i wont post it-i lean forward at the canter to urge him forward-Donna is stressing i need to move onto my butt and be straight up and down-all his power is in hiis butt and neck-so i need a firm hold and urge with legs as he canters not upper body-it is difficult but i am getting it-
Set up for the canter-get my mind and body prepared before i ask for it=======
Ask for the canter (outside rein tigher than inside for sonny)
Tap lead shoulder (inside) and urge forward with body and legs
straighten up and sit straight
arms and reins moving with the horse
heels down as i am prone to loosing my stirrups!
this is what i am working on if it helps-if i am doing things incorrectly please someone fix me !!!

i am hopeing the no stirrup excercize will help with this too-

jeddah31 09-03-2008 06:33 PM

just do lots of trot work. Count out the strides to yourself in your head and relax, anchor your heels down.
The less you think about it the easier it is and it will become like second nature. Just do LOT'S of trot work. If you feel yourself getting stressed or worried, come back to walk, calm down and try again :)
If you need to, just trot a lap at a time to start with and slowly increease it :)

FutureVetGirl 09-04-2008 03:07 AM

Thanks guys! I trotted almost all the way around the racetrack yesterday. It was nice when I relaxed... though it was hard to COMPLETELY relax and enjoy the ride when the horse kept wanting to bolt back to the barn, or go join the mares in the field next to where we were riding (I was riding a stallion... not my choice... but he's good : :lol: )

I can't get out there today... but I'll work with no stirrups tomorrow. I have the WHOLE racetrack to enjoy! So it'll be fun. I'll do canter for the first time in the ring though... just to be safe... ;)

horsegirl123 01-07-2009 08:01 PM

Hmmm, at the sitting trot maybe you should take one hand and hold it on the pommel of the saddle. Hold it so that you can feel the motion of the sitting trot, and when you are ready, let go, but try to stay in-sinc with the motion that you felt while holding the pommel. That worked for me when I learned to trot atleast. Also, you would get into the canter by putting your outside leg back. I remember my instructor would always say "Outside leg back and go!"

Don't worry, keep trying, it takes time. I remember, my first lesson my calves really hurt. Maybe you should try doing wall-sits to improve your leg muscle. Wall-sits are when you lean your back against the wall, and have your legs bent at a 90 degree angle. You sit there for as long as you can. After riding for 3 years, I can do this for several minutes. You'd be surprised, wall-sits are harder then they look!

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