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rileydog6 11-07-2012 01:48 PM

bit and new saddle help!
Ok,so I have a small drafty,a fjord who is very opionated and knows what's asked of him but ignores it 80% of the time.We are both new to eventing and have been competing in intro all summer and would like to move up to beginner novice.Xc and stadium I use a hackamore because he hates bits,and he listens to it perfectly.the problem is with dressage, we used a loose ring single joint at the intro level,which was hard to control but we made due because there was no cantering.I have been using a pelham with double rein to school him dressage,and my instructor only let's me use it because he throws temper tantrums when asked to do something he doesn't want to do,by the way she's and FEI dressage instructor so she knows what she is doing,anyway I need a strong bit I can use for dressage at BN level that's legal.Also im looking to get a dressage saddle,I need something that is well cushioned and perferably synthetic because I back problems, scoliosis.does any one have experience with the wintec isabella or know a saddle that might work for me,it has to be a wide.:) thanks for reading!
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goingnowhere1 11-07-2012 02:02 PM

Wintec 500's or Pros are both very comftorable saddles. I have never had an issue with mine. My trainer has always put harder horses in Mylers. She says she's noticed a difference in behavior once they are switched to them.
My pony is very similar to yours, totally ignores the bit all the time but especially at jumping, I've found that if we do leg yields, half passes, serpentines, or any exercise that isn't just going around the arena, he is more responsive for the rest of the ride because he doesn't know where he's going. Works for me, maybe it'll help you.

BornToRun 11-07-2012 02:03 PM

^ I second the Wintec 500, love mine!

xeventer17 11-10-2012 11:47 PM

A third for the Wintec 500. I love mine as well!

CurlyIsASpecialStandie 11-11-2012 02:23 AM

I love my isabell. Had a wintec 500 but it wouldnt fit my horse and wasnt good for dressage!

Just my opinion

rileydog6 11-12-2012 12:12 PM

Thanks for the responses,I have a wintec 2000 that's very comfortable,but im looking more along the lines Of a dressage for exercises we do a lot of those and he gets bored very easy so im constanly having to change what were doing,a new thing everyday;jumping,games,dressage,trail,bridleless/bareback,trick training,gorund work ect...
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crimsonsky 11-12-2012 02:22 PM

does he like the mullen mouth piece of the pelham and perhaps that's why he isn't as happy with a single joint snaffle? perhaps you should try a snaffle with a mullen mouth?

equiniphile 11-12-2012 02:52 PM

The bit's not the problem. You can try different mouthpieces to see if he prefers a french link or mullen mouth better, but it's going to come down to a training issue that has to be sorted out in order to curtail his strength.

rileydog6 11-14-2012 07:48 AM

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rileydog6 11-14-2012 08:00 AM

Ill,try the mullen mouth,I agree with you,equiniphile , in some points.when I got him a little over a year ago he was green,he didn't steer,brake,bolted to take me off(not cause he was spooked),refused poles,refused going through standards,ect...he has come along way,he knows what's being asked of him and 80% of the time he just doesn't feel like doing.beside being lazy and stubborn it also has to do with a lack of respect,we've been working on that and have gone to horsemanship camps and they helped but he's never 100% listening to me.I have 2 instructos working with me, an fei dressage instructor and allison springer,so we are slowly working through his temper tantrums and trying to work with him.I can try a french link again but last time I put it on him it was like steering a block,I try lunging him in a loose ring snaffle and it seems to work ok with the lunge line connected to the saddle so I know he is fine with the bit.
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