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busysmurf 11-07-2012 10:44 PM

Let's hope this works.
Tomorrow I go in for my first steroid injections. Not worried about it hurting, just REALLY hoping it helps. I'm pretty sure I can't get a job restriction that requires me to sit in a saddle (the only thing that completely relieves the pain) for the rest of my life, lol
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Speed Racer 11-07-2012 10:52 PM

Good luck, busy! Chronic pain is so stressful and depressing.

tinyliny 11-07-2012 10:59 PM

Sorry, but where were you getting them? I had in done in my heel, of all places. And Yes, it hurts like the Dickens, but it was very effective, and within like a day.

Sharpie 11-07-2012 11:07 PM

I got both feet injected (between the most lateral tarsal and first metatarsal) and it hurt, but by a week out, I was feeling much better. Now I'm three months out or so and still doing well.

busysmurf 11-07-2012 11:10 PM

Probably low back. I have my consult & MRI follow up right before the injections, so I'm not exactly sure. I have an "xtra" moveable vertebrae. S1 & S2 aren't fused completely. And since I had 2 c-sections the muscles have atrophied which holds everything in place.
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busysmurf 11-08-2012 09:36 PM

Good news, it went well. I was able to get out of a chair right away. Bad news, the area the Dr ordered injected, isn't the main source of the problem, so guess who gets to go back for another round?!
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